Blockchain transaction protocol Morpher launches beta access to its new DEX »CryptoNinjas

Blockchain transaction protocol Morpher launches beta access to its new DEX »CryptoNinjas



Morpher, an Ethereum blockchain-driven trading platform, announced today that its community has grown to 300,000 traders, with more than 800,000 transactions. Now, one year after the introduction of the Morpher agreement, the team will announce a major update, the upcoming Morpher DEX.

DEX, now with Early access open, Will allow users to trade 700 assets directly on the Ethereum blockchain with a leverage of up to 10 times.

“More importantly, DEX is open to anyone around the world. You can trade without depositing or creating an account. Contact DOGE and Polygon without leaving the Ethereum blockchain. Join the list to get an early experience. DEX is coming soon. Launched, we are glad to have you discuss the next chapter with us.”
– Deformation team

Morpher’s smart contract is responsible for processing transactions, managing virtual futures and setting MPH token balances. At the same time, the oracle connects the protocol to real-time market data. With the extension of Plasma, traders can get an incredible user experience through its DApp and sidechain, or directly interact with the protocol on the Ethereum main chain.

Morpher DEX is coming soon…


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