When Chloe Burrows chose Aaron Francis, Shannon Singh exited in shock

When Chloe Burrows chose Aaron Francis, Shannon Singh exited in shock



Tonight’s Love Island had an explosive start, and Shannon Singh was brutally abandoned from the villa just 48 hours later.

She was guided after the blockbuster Chloe Burrows Choose to combine with her partner Aaron Francis -Make beautiful women single.

Shannon Almost no time to say goodbye When she received a text message telling her to pack and leave, the audience at home was shocked by the decision.

However, the sharp-eyed audience previously Found a clue Chloe will choose Aaron after being found flirting with him more than once.

At the same time, there are speculations from the audience Shannon actually has a secret boyfriend outside After they recorded her resistance to get to know any man-even turned to a kiss in the challenge.

I just want to say, this has never been a quiet day Love island

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  • If she wears a bikini top, FAYE can’t exercise

    Classic nude color.

    Well, she doesn’t seem to be naked with Brad anytime soon.

  • Does he think he is?

    Is Hugo a secret female killer?

    When talking about Sharon to the boys, he said, “She is not the kind of girl I can imagine to introduce to my parents.”

    What kind of woman does he like? Those who he had sex in the car.

  • Date 1: Katz and Toby

    This looks promising. They talked and laughed on the way out. They even brushed their teeth.

    But will it fall faster than a bag of Sh…annon?

  • Hugo and Sharon “chat”

    Sharon told Hugo that she felt that he had been ignoring her. “I have been very busy,” Hugo defended himself.

    do what? Brush him chest hair?

    Now they have embraced it. Nevertheless, the sex chemistry here is zero.

  • Girls at the zoo

    Well, watching the boys exercise.

    Each other.

  • Sharon and Hugo are not teachers’ darlings

    The two are like chalk and cheese.

    Together they were as successful as trying to write on his teacher’s blackboard with a piece of Brie.

  • How free!She didn’t wear pants

    Liberty and Jake were lying on the bed. They decided to ask for a spoon, and she conveniently decided not to wear any shorts.

    Hygienic or horny?

  • Shannon’s shock

    How sad would you be if you only stayed for 48 hours? ! Then Chloe sneered at you: “I am too sorrrrrrr-eeeeeeeh.”

  • Shannon was abandoned!

    what. have. just. happened?

  • Oh, Ian is kidding, doesn’t he look like Chris Hughes from LOVE ISLAND here?

  • See what laura said

    This is Chloe’s TV twin in the motherland.

    Both shows have a similar obsession with breasts.

  • TOBY and KAZ have an appointment KAZ-TASTROPHE

    Oh dear. The couple will clashed on an awkward date tonight because she told him “you have been cancelled.”

    Fans believe this is true love after their task of sucking toes.

    It turns out that it is more like toe romance than true romance.

  • 24 minutes and 19.3555 seconds!

    Almost the best time of the day/year.
    Be comfortable, put on your waist expansion pajamas, let’s see the hot and sexy beauties.

  • KAMWI is more than just a good friend?

    Kaz Kamwi from Witham has worked with brands such as Primark and Iconic London.

    She described herself as “fun, dramatic, spontaneous,” “friendly,” and “relaxed.”

    Her worst date ever was: “A man asked me out for dinner and he was in a restaurant’mystery meal’.

    “I will never forget the fact that he asked me to pay, and he can eat for free, and he asked me to sit there and make his comments.”

    What is Catch.

  • Is that FAY-KE?

    According to fans who delved into her 2019 Instagram photos, it was wonderful (and very interesting) Faye “before she filled her lips or Botox.”

    Doesn’t she look Fay-bulous?

    Sod the filler. Can we have her waistline?

  • SINGH when you win

    The 5-foot-4 Shannon modeled for Nastygal, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty and Pretty Little Thing.

    She also got “good money” from OnlyFans, has the pugs Pepper and Peaches, and is a big player and COD fan. (call of Duty).

    There may be fish.


    “My mother was like’you should be charming, you should be page 3,'” Shannon told the BBC podcast Brown Girls Do It Too.

    “She took my nude photos, we sent them to an agency in London, and I signed the contract within 11 minutes.

    “This has never bothered me. I think I have always been very confident in my body. The breasts are just breasts, and I really don’t like them.

    “I might receive so many comments. My mom and dad never considered it a problem.”

    Ha ha? Or Buha?

  • A good friend of Maulby?

    After Penny Lancaster discovered their “secret” relationship in the car while Maura Higgins and Strictly pro Giovanni Pernice were with her mother, he spilled spicy beans on them.

    She told the sloppy woman: “The irony is that she [Sally] It happened to say, “Oh, Giovanni!” Because she took it seriously.

    “[Giovanni] Tell Alistair that this girl from Love Island is in the car next to us. I thought, “Oh, but maybe they are just shopping.”

    Maybe in Ansamos?

  • Hu is a bad boy?

    A representative of the school where the physical education teacher Hugo belongs told the Daily Star that he would not return to teach there. Is it after admitting to have sex on the road and kissing 10 girls overnight? Or his short-term job has just ended?

    They said: “Mr. Hammond did a short internship here during the spring semester teacher training. He was not employed by the school.”

  • Love Islanders are right ST(U)Ds

    Before entering the Villa of Love, the contestants had to reveal whether they had herpes or genital ulcers.

    A source told The Sun: “The safety of the islanders is the most important thing. The boss of the show cannot risk letting anyone change their lives. Venereal disease In the villa. “

    It’s too itchy.

    This is a lot of last year, cough cough, resonance.

  • Love Island Drinking (H2O) game

    Take a sip every time someone says the following:

    “you are not the type I like.”

    “You are my type…”

    “Can I take you to a chat?”

  • Cringe!First date of a couple

    The first embarrassing date tonight is coming soon.

    Questions may include the following: What is your name? What is your favorite color? Shall we get married next week?

  • Not so barren salon

    Gafka told the house about experimenting with both sexes in a sack: “If I don’t find out by myself, I don’t know how I should know whether I like a girl or a boy.”

    Amen. Or all men. Or no men. By her.

  • Three times the fun of SHARON GAFFKA

    Fans were very impressed by Sharon’s intersex conquest. In a threesome under her belt/bikini, will this increase her value to boys or girls?

    The audience called her an “iconic figure.” An excited Sue shared: “Sharon makes girls bisexual?!?! I’m here for it”.

    Another fan applauded: “Sharon is bisexual! It’s great to have someone representing the LGBTQ community.”

    She is a shar.

  • Does anyone else think Chloe and Amanda from the BBC’s home country are the same person?

    Are they twins? manner. Blond mane. Super self.

    Someone soon sent fake babies.


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