Trevor Bauer’s latest news-The accuser said the MLB pitcher “attacked her”, but star agent Jon Fetrov said these claims were “unfounded”

Lawyer Ball’s response to the allegations

According to a statement from Ball’s lawyer Jon Fetterolf, Ball denied the allegations.

“Mr. Bower had a brief and completely voluntary sexual relationship, [the woman] From April 2021,” Fetrov told the media.

“We have a message [the woman] Repeated requests for “rough” sexual contact, including requests for “suffocation” and slaps.

“In their two encounters, [the woman] Drove from San Diego to Mr. Ball’s residence in Pasadena, California, where she continued to decide what she wanted from him, and he did what was required,” he added.

Fetterolf continued: “After her two meetings with Mr. Ball,[the woman] After one night, he left unharmed and continued to message Mr. Bower with friendly and flirting jokes.

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