Top bedroom emotional killer revealed

Top bedroom emotional killer revealed


We have all been there, you are in passion and excitement, and then your partner does something that completely kills emotions.

Emotional killers have invaded all our bedrooms at some point, but when it comes to your time under the sheets, do you have any bad habits?


Some things are inappropriate in the bedroom, here we look at the biggest closureCredit: Getty

Everyone has their own personal preferences, which may be closed for some people, and may shine for others.

Kate Moyle, a sex and relations expert at LELO UK, has previously stated that people’s sex lives have changed dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it’s the lack of personal connection in the past year or the fact that you have been entangled with your partner-these factors may mean that you are reluctant to tolerate closure.

A recent survey found that almost half of Britons would not tell their partners what bored them in bed.

Research from relational applications pair It was found that 45% of British people are embarrassed to bring this up to their partner.

Approximately 42% of Britons said that something special made them shut them down.

Here are some of the biggest emotional killers in the bedroom…

Keep pets in the bedroom

Sex expert Tracey Cox said that rejection will have an impact on the most loyal lover.

We all like furry friends, but when we do bad things, they are a little weird around us.

speak Online mail Tracy said: “Is there anything more disturbing than looking down at a dog or cat sitting next to the bed with your eyes fixed on the action (or worse, your face)?”

When you are depressed and dirty, letting your pet in the bedroom can be disappointing


When you are depressed and dirty, letting your pet in the bedroom can be disappointingCredit: Getty-Contributor

Poor sex skills

Data from Paired shows that poor sexual skills are one of the biggest obstacles for Britons.

More than 35% of Britons said this is a kind of shutdown for them.

But practice makes perfect.

Looking at your phone

Everyone is turned on 24/7, and the Covid pandemic means that our bedrooms are now our office spaces.

Tracy said that there is no greater emotional killer than the phone rang and your partner looked at who or what happened during your sexual contact.

She said: “Mobile phone addiction can lead to extreme conflicts in interpersonal relationships, but choosing a mobile phone instead of having sex with a partner is a very special depression.”

Checking your phone when you are passionate will make you look as if you are not interested in your partner


Checking your phone when you are passionate will make you look as if you are not interested in your partnerCredit: Getty


When you have sex, it’s easy to think of how much happiness you get from this experience, but remember that it takes twice.

Data from Paired shows that nearly a quarter of Britons believe that the biggest obstacle in the bedroom is people’s selfishness.

Try to consider putting your partner’s needs first, they are likely to return you for help.

Time check

If you have limited time, it may be difficult to be in the mood.

In most cases, women take longer to reach orgasm than men. A previous study found that women need 13.46 minutes of sex to reach orgasm.

Experts published a paper in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine”, the paper studied the sexual behavior of 645 women in eight weeks, and based on this determined the average time to orgasm.

So ladies, if you are in a hurry, or your partner is urging you, you are unlikely to reach the big O.

foul smell

In terms of bedroom etiquette, poor personal hygiene is not acceptable, only some smells are intolerable.

Tracy said: “Oral sex on a person with dirty genitals is enough to disappoint you for life!

“And, yes, it is unavoidable to windy sometimes during sex, but doing so deliberately is a completely different story.”

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