Thousands of parents have to repay £408 million in child support due to the backlog of unpaid payments during Covid

Thousands of parents have to repay £408 million in child support due to the backlog of unpaid payments during Covid



As single parents missed £408 million, thousands of parents will be forced to pay any child support they have not yet paid.

British parents must legally support their children financially-so if a couple separates, one parent will have to pay support to the other.


Parents will be forced to repay missing child supportCredit: Getty

Payment can be arranged privately, but if your predecessor refuses or fails to pay, you can arrange payment in the following ways Child Support Services (CMS).

However, new data released by the Ministry of Pensions and the work responsible for overseeing the service shows that since the program was launched in 2012, unpaid child support has reached 408.3 million pounds.

This equals 9% of all payables.

After CMS told single parents of any lost cash last year, the backlog of payments has been backlogged Will not be chased or enforced Due to the Covid crisis.

DWP stated that it “re-deployed” at least 10,000 employees to process “unprecedented” new Universal Credit claims.

This means that the team responsible for tracking down and enforcing missed child support payments has been told to process millions of new UC claims during the pandemic.

The new data also shows that 42,000-28% of parents-did not pay any child support they owe under the CMS collection and payment plan.

CMS usually uses this plan to charge parents who don’t want to cough.

To use the “Payment Collection” service, single parents must pay a 4% fee for any payments they receive to CMS.

Parents who owe money must pay 20% of the cost.

Single parents only need to pay when they receive alimony.

These fees for collection and payment services are used to pay for the operating costs of the CMS.

How to file a claim through the child care service

If your predecessor refuses to pay child support, you should go through CMS. The following is how to apply.

First, you should call Child Maintenance Options to check if you are entitled to child support.

You can call them on 0800 083 4375.

The line is open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday.

You need to provide them with:

  • Details of the child you are applying for and their parents
  • Your national insurance number
  • Your bank account details

This information is used to set up and manage child support payments, and sometimes is also used to try to find the paying parents.

Most child care service cases are established within one month.

If there is a problem with the paying parent, it may take longer.

After setting up the case, you can manage your case online.

But it has confirmed to The Sun that it will crack down and track all outstanding payments in an attempt to recover cash for single parents.

CMS can combat parents who have not paid their dues in a variety of ways.

It can withdraw money directly from paychecks, have bailiffs confiscate goods and sell them at auctions, and force the British to sell their houses to raise money.

However, parents who fail to pay will not face interest charges or fines for non-payment.

A DWP spokesperson said: “CMS puts children first, and their work raised £249 million for British children in the first quarter of 2021 because they will use their full power to obtain funds from parents who fail to face their responsibilities.

“The cost has been put in place to motivate parents to raise their children without CMS intervention. The latest statistics show that the number of these parents is at a record high and they are now paying more than 90% of their debts.

Am I eligible for child support? How much can I get?

If you break up with your child’s parents, you will Eligible for child support.

The exact amount will depend on many factors, including the income of non-resident parents, how many children you have, and how many nights they care for them each week.

If both parents share the childcare costs equally and the number of nights stays the same, they will not pay child support through CMS even if one parent’s income is higher than the other.

However, if you arrange things privately, higher-income parents may choose to pay more to take care of their children.

Have a Useful CMS calculator This can help you figure out how much you should get.

You need to know the income of the other parent (including the state pension), any benefits they receive, and the number of nights your child will stay with them.

Judge explained If you divorce, your rights to future assets.

A single parent revealed how she tricked her ex to find his address in order to obtain Missed child care costs $23,000 From him.

Elsewhere, this Dad is forced to continue to pay child support Although it was discovered 14 years later that his daughter was not his.

In the largest welfare family in the UK, the father has 26 children and 15 women, and he claims to need £500,000 to help take care of them


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