Following a partisan line, the U.S. House of Representatives launched a new investigation into the January 6th Capitol Rebellion on Wednesday, and approved the establishment of a special committee to investigate the violent attacks, as supporters of former President Donald Trump watched in the gallery above. The wounded police fight with supporters.

The voting result for the formation of the group was 222 votes to 190 votes, and the Republicans opposed the majority of Democrats who would be responsible.Action is on Senate Republicans block the formation of an independent committee This will be evenly distributed between the two parties.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, emphasized the importance of the Democratic Party on voting, telling lawmakers in the chamber: “We will be judged by future generations on how we evaluate our democracy.”

Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Because of her criticism of Trump, she lost her position in the leadership of the Republican Party, Is one of only two Republicans to vote for the group. She declared: “Our country, and the families of brave law enforcement personnel injured or killed in an attack to defend us, deserve an answer.”

But Ohio Republican Brad Winstrup refused to accept the new investigation on the grounds of “incompleteness and inadequacy” because it will not investigate other incidents, including the 2017 shooting at a baseball field. The incident severely hurt Rep. Steve Scarlis of Louisiana.

Watch | U.S. security officials accuse the Capitol of riots:

US security officials accused each other of allowing the Capitol riots to occur on January 6. The Senate hearing began on Tuesday to figure out how the rebellion happened. 1:53

Pelosi said that she prefers an independent team to lead the investigation, but Congress can no longer wait to investigate the worst attack on the Capitol in more than 200 years.

Since the siege of Trump’s supporters, the tensions in Congress have worsened, aiming to prevent Congress from proving Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden. The short-lived common anger has given way to partisan politics and some Republicans are trying to downplay what happened that day. Most Republicans have made it clear that they want to get rid of the rebellion — and Trump’s role — even though many of them have fled the violent mob themselves.

Democrats expressed disappointment with Republicans who complained that the investigation would conduct a party investigation after their party blocked the bipartisan group.

“I think for some people on the other side, anything that knows the truth is not good enough because they don’t want the truth,” said Jim McGovern, the chairman of the rules committee who led the debate before the vote.

The group will be led by the Democratic Party, and Pelosi will appoint a chairman and at least 8 of the 13 members of the committee. The resolution also gave her a possible voice in appointing the other five members, directing them to be appointed “after consultations” with House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (center) left the House of Representatives after voting on Wednesday. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Republican leaders declined to say whether Republicans will participate. In a memo to all House Republicans on Tuesday night, the second House Republican, Scullis, urged his members to vote against the resolution, saying the committee “may pursue a partisan agenda.”

The role of the Republican Party in the investigation and the appointment of the team can help determine whether the committee will become a tool for bipartisan cooperation or further division.Two Senate committees Publish a bipartisan report Security recommendations were made earlier this month, but the origin of the siege was not checked, leaving many unanswered questions about the events of the day.

Republicans face police anger

McCarthy was under pressure from the police responding to the attack to take the investigation seriously, and several of them sat in the gallery to watch the debate. On that day, dozens of military officers were injured as Trump supporters pushed them away and broke into the building to interrupt President Biden’s victory certification.

The audience included Metropolitan Police Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges and Capitol Police Harry Dunn.

Fanone described being dragged down the steps of the Capitol by the mob. The mob shot and beat him with a stun gun. Hodges was pressed between the two doors. Dunn once said that the mob chanted racial slander and fought him in a similar way of hand-to-hand combat when he stopped them.

Michael Fanone (left) is a police officer of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. He was attacked and beaten during the attack on the Capitol on January 6, while the US Congressional Police Officer Harry Dunn (Harry Dunn) who faced the rioters Dunn) met with McCarthy on Friday at the Capitol in December 2018. (J. Scott Applewhite)

Also in the gallery are Gladys Siknick and Sandra Garza, the mother and partner of Congressman Brian Siknick, who fell to the ground after contacting the protesters and later died.

He was sprayed with a chemical irritant, but a forensic doctor determined that he died of natural causes.

Fano and Dunn met with McCarthy on Friday. Fanone said he asked McCarthy to promise not to put “wrong people” in the group, which refers to those in the Republican Party who played down violence and defended the insurgents. He said McCarthy told him he would take his request seriously.


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