The Islanders will be kicked out tonight because Chloe and Aaron’s “clues” suggest that Shannon will be single

AARON FRANCIS of Love Island refuses to rule out sexual activity on camera

Love Island 2021 star Aaron Francis refuses to rule out the possibility of having sex in front of the camera-and hopes to find his “future wife” in the villa.

This Event hostOn the 24th, he told Sun Online that if he had a “strong connection”, he would be willing to become intimate during the work period of the seventh season of the ITV dating show.

Every viewer is asking a question whether the islanders are willing to do this on national television-it seems that Aaron did not reject the idea.

He admitted: “To be honest, I do feel that at the end of the day…I didn’t see the villa, I didn’t go in and so on.

“After a few days, it may start to feel like normal life. You don’t want to think about so many cameras. Say you do consciously know that you are going to be on TV.

Aaron continued: “But, I want to say I won’t go all the way on TV, but obviously I don’t know what kind of relationship I will enter.”

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