Sixers CEO Scott O’Neal resigns after eight years in the organization

Sixers CEO Scott O’Neal resigns after eight years in the organization



The team announced on Wednesday that long-term chief executive Scott O’Neill of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils left Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment eight years later to seek new career opportunities.

“I want to thank Josh Harris and David Blitzer for inspiring, participating and empowering me to bring together the most talented executive team in sports and entertainment,” O’Neill Said in a statement on Wednesday“Josh and David are extraordinary leaders, partners, and friends. Their commitment to our team, brand, and employees-most importantly-their commitment to serving Philadelphia, Newark and Camden The promise of making it possible for us to achieve success together.”

“Being trusted to have the opportunity to manage epic brands — and to buy, build, integrate, acquire, and develop free businesses to create today’s HBSE — is a journey of a lifetime, and I am humbled and grateful for that,” O’Neill continued.

According to reports, O’Neal’s departure from the 76ers’ parent company will take effect immediately. Athletic. But it is expected that O’Neill will help find his replacement.

“HBSE is the best organization I have ever joined, the most difficult organization I have ever encountered, and the most interesting organization I have ever experienced, because every day brings new learning and development opportunities,” O’Neill Say. “This company has grown through an extraordinary team culture that is willing to innovate, complete work disciplinedly, and have the courage to lead from the front. Although I enjoy every moment here, I am more excited to build, develop and promote My next platform.”

O’Neal was hired as the chief executive of the 76ers in 2013, just two years after Harris and Blitzer acquired the team. Later that year, after Harris and Blitzer purchased the team and its Newark Arena, he would become the CEO of the Devil and Prudential Center.

When the parent company was formally established in 2017, O’Neill was appointed CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment.

Harris said: “Scott has achieved such great achievements on behalf of the organization in a relatively short period of time, driving our growth, culture and commitment to strengthening our lives, work, entertainment and winning communities.” We take it very seriously. Scott’s great contribution to the company, I am very grateful for his leadership and cooperation in creating a first-class culture at HBSE. We know that he will achieve great success in any achievement he chooses in the future, and we will always be one of his biggest supporters. ”

During his eight-year tenure, O’Neal was responsible for signing the first team jersey patch sponsorship of the four major North American professional sports leagues, overseeing the construction and development of the team’s training facilities in Camden and the Innovation Lab, as well as the first An American professional sports franchise acquires an e-sports team.

Blitzer said: “We are very grateful to Scott for working with him in the unprecedented growth of the past eight years.” “His ambition, strategic vision and innovative thinking have always been and will continue to play an important role in the long-term success of our business. We represent HBSE. Everyone at, thank you Scott for his transformative leadership, drive and enthusiasm, and we look forward to celebrating his future success.”

Before joining HBSE, O’Neil served as President of Madison Square Garden for four years from 2008 to 2012. Villanova University alumni also worked for the NBA in 2000-08 for nearly ten years.


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