NFL star Tom Brady is determined to invest heavily in crypto

NFL star Tom Brady is determined to invest heavily in crypto



As Tom Brady joins other sports celebrities to pursue their dreams in the blockchain field, the encryption vulnerability seems to have proven to have a significant impact on the sports industry.

The Super Bowl champion quarterback-Tampa Bay-has expressed his enthusiasm through several tweets about encryption before announcing that he now intends to become a “pioneer” in the industry.

A few days ago, the Super Bowl GOAT told the media that he “confirmed” CryptocurrencyIn addition, he further revealed that he had purchased some digital coins. When asked which digital coins they were, he refused to disclose.

Sports celebrities dive into the cryptocurrency field

The announcement made this sports celebrity Newest Enter the world of encryption.

A few days ago, Kevin Petersen, a well-known and controversial former batsman from England, confirmed that he is “closer and closer to joining the #bitcoin world”.

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Similarly, former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar launched the world’s first cricket-centric NFT market about two weeks ago.

FTX Company

Following his recent crypto activity, Tom Brady was appointed as the brand ambassador of FTX. FTX is a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, built from the ground up.

It is a company dedicated to developing a digital currency ecosystem, providing a platform for American and international traders to inspire their loyalty, and becoming a market-leading U.S. regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

Tom Brady and Sam Bankman-Fried

Today, in a Q&A session on Twitter, the company mainly organized to promote his new role as a brand ambassador. The experienced quarterback spoke with pomp about his latest partnership with cryptocurrency exchanges. Unfortunately, he also dismissed the threat of the recent market downturn.

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After being asked by his host, Sam Bankman-Fried, what he was tweeting on Twitter recently for, “I want to be a pioneer in this field,” Brady disclose.

Host Sam Bankman-Fried is the founder and CEO of this American digital currency company.

What attracted Brady?

In a half-hour conversation with the CEO, Brady assessed his current adventures in the blockchain industry. He also revealed why he chose FTX over others.

In light of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchanges, he revealed the adoption of a “charity mission”.

In fact, a fact check revealed that this US-supervised transaction is obligated to donate 1% of all “net expenses” to charity, and has so far invested 10 million US dollars from the pledge.

“I received a call from a colleague who knows a lot about this field. He said: “I think this will be something you will be interested in. ” Brady, talked about how he became interested in starting to dive into the company.

He said the result was his investment in the company and the ensuing ambassador award.

However, Brady has never stopped paying more attention to FTX’s charity projects, which he said is his favorite company.

Tom Brady is very happy to work with “Charity” FTX

“I’m excited about the infinite possibilities that we have to create things together,” Brady said, as he revealed how exciting it is for him to work with FTX to give back to the community, the planet, and spread crypto knowledge.

The 43-year-old Super Bowl “greatest in history” revealed that his new role in FTX includes his wife.

He explained that she will mainly focus on the charity part of the collaboration. Brady revealed to Sam Bankman-Fried that she will help determine which charities will be funded with the funds that FTX continues to raise.

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There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency industry is attractive and is gaining attention at an impressive rate. As the most famous sports celebrities have shown interest in Bitcoin and other digital assets, prices are expected to soar in the short term.

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