Meghan Markle’s latest news-former best friend Jessica Mulroney posted BRUTAL dig on Instagram, fans thought it was aimed at the Duchess

Fans of MEGHAN Markle believe that the former best friend of the Duchess digs her up on Instagram.

Stylist Jessica Mulroney 41 years old, posted on social media on Monday: “Life has changed. You have lost love. You have lost friends. You have lost parts of yourself that you never thought would disappear.”

“Then, unknowingly, these fragments came back. New romance came in. Better friends come together. A stronger and smarter you, looking into the mirror,” she added.

Megan Fans quickly commented on this article online, questioning whether it was a mysterious attack on the Duchess.

According to reports, Jessica and Meghan’s friendship fell into disarray after Mulroney was accused of using her “white privilege” to deal with a black social media influencer at the height of the “black life is also the life” protests last year. Dilemma.

Duchess Mulroney was reportedly cut off In the event.

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