Matt Hancock’s latest video-his wife still suffers from long-term Covid, she caught it from the love mouse of the former Minister of Health

Members of Congress said that this incident is just “the tip of the iceberg of cronyism.”

Ian Murray, the shadow secretary of the Labour Party for Scotland, claimed that Matt Hancock’s affair with his assistant was the “tip of the iceberg” of the Conservative Party’s cronyism.

The married Hancock resigned the day after the photos and videos of him kissing in the office with part-time consultant Gina Coladangelo (Gina Coladangelo) were published in The Sun.

But Mr. Murray said that despite Mr. Hancock’s resignation, the British government still faces “significant problems” with conflicts of interest, government contracts and the use of personal email accounts.

The Edinburgh Southern District Councilman said on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland program: “This is not only a violation of Covid rules, but also not just this matter. Who installed a secret camera in the Secretary of State’s office? Why did he use private email? Sold to newspapers?

“All of this will lead to big problems surrounding the nepotism of PPE contracts; if you know Matthew Hancock, rather than whether you can really provide personal protective equipment and be an expert in this area, then you are more likely Obtained a PPE contract in the NHS.”

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