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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand called former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho “bitter” about Luke Shaw’s comments.

Shaw struggled under Mourinho, and the two recently made public comments about it.

But Ferdinand has already defended Shaw.

Said on his five YouTube channels: “I don’t understand man. Jose Mourinho, see who he is.

“This person, the main person, I love Mourinho. He is the manager I want to play for him. But leave this kid alone.”

“You messed up his career. He would argue that Luke Shaw messed up his career.

“He also has to take some responsibility during this period (Luke Shaw), he underperformed under Mourinho.

“But as a manager, you also have to take on some responsibilities to let the players perform at their best level. This is your job, this is your responsibility, so that the players at your disposal can perform at the best level, but he Not with Luke Shaw.

“But leave this kid alone, you are talking about his corner kick. Please, there is more to talk about besides Luke Shaw’s corner kick.

“It’s a bit personal for me, and now I’m back to my role as an expert. When I start any kind of assessment, or break a situation or a club, one of the main things I say, it can’t be a person of.

“I think Jose, you can see that it’s a bit bitter. Luke did a good job and doesn’t reflect Jose Mourinho well.

“That’s the problem, where the bitterness might come from.”

Image source: Getty Images
Image source: Getty Images

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