Is CBD suitable for exercise? – Brutal Central Business District

Is CBD suitable for exercise? – Brutal Central Business District


The subject of CBD in sports has attracted a lot of attention. Is it a performance enhancing drug? Or is this the same as freezing muscles after strenuous exercise? We decided to dig deeper so that you can better understand whether CBD is suitable for sports.

Use CBD for exercise

As of 2018, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has declassified CBD as a prohibited product. In addition, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has clarified that all synthetic and naturally occurring cannabinoids are prohibited except for CBD.

Why CBD is not banned in sports

According to the US Anti-Doping Agency, one of the three reasons why cannabinoids are banned includes:

  1. Put the health of athletes at risk.
  2. It can potentially improve the performance of athletes.
  3. Go against the spirit of sports.

The exception to the banned naturally occurring cannabinoids is CBD. Although Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, the rules prohibit all other 120 cannabinoids. In addition, because CBD does not pose a threat to the health of athletes, it can improve performance; CBD is very suitable for those who like sports.

Recovery Time

If you have ever participated in sports, you will know how painful you will feel the next day. Now, imagine if sports were your full-time job! ? Of course, you will try to find ways to help reduce recovery time. Although there is no research showing that CBD helps shorten recovery time, many athletes take CBD to relax.

The role of CBD is to gently bind the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body. They are responsible for regulating functions such as pain and hunger. Therefore, athletes tend to use CBD when they are sore, hoping to feel less sore. Everyone responds differently to CBD, so if one person takes CBD because of muscle soreness, it may have different effects on others.

Promote relaxation

Some CBD products can promote relaxation, while others can promote alertness.For example-CBD products like ours Sweet Dream CBD Pen Add terpenes and melatonin. In addition, it is important to note that the terpenes we use can add flavor and complement the product type. In the Sweet Dreams example, we added melatonin, which is not a cannabinoid terpene, but it does promote better sleep.

Another product similar to Sweet Dreams is our Relax CBD pen. Although we did not add any melatonin to this product, it does contain Apple Kush Terpenes. These terpenes are mainly myrcene and can also be found naturally in lemongrass. This means that Apple Kush Terpenes is used to enhance the experience of the product. Best for people or athletes who want to relax.

Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD

There are many benefits to taking CBD, including that it is non-psychoactive, which means it will not excite you. In addition, when using CBD Isolate, it is less likely that the THC test will be positive.

You can’t be excited about CBD

Most people tend to feel anxious or uncomfortable when they are emotionally high. However, they still want to experience the benefits of the factory. Although CBD comes from the hemp plant, you can still get the same benefits as hemp; the only exception is that hemp has very low THC content, while CBD content is high.

However, you must understand that the THC content of CBD is still very low. Although there is only 0.03% THC, it is still THC. This may not be enough to excite you, but it is enough to get you to take a drug test. If you are concerned about a positive THC test, then we recommend using CBD isolation instead of full spectrum CBD.

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Holistic approach

The advantage of CBD is that it can be used as a natural and holistic method to help you recover after exercise. Many athletes turn to CBD because it is natural and everyone finds different benefits in CBD. In addition, it can be used as an excellent substitute for cannabis because it has similar properties.

Another important reason for athletes to take CBD is whether they feel too stressed. Although CBD may not relieve stress, it can promote activities that help reduce stress, such as sleeping or drinking a relaxing cup of tea. CBD is formed out of habit, so you don’t have to worry about dependence.

in conclusion

Is CBD good for exercise? Conclusion

Although CBD is good for sports, professional athletes and armature athletes benefit from it. In addition, professional athletes are no longer prohibited from using it, which helps promote recovery and relaxation. CBD has many benefits, but the best way to find its benefits is to try it yourself.

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