England beat Germany to book Ukraine quarter-final clash, France lost to Switzerland’s reaction

Good morning European fans

England defeated Germany 2-0 in the quarter-finals of the 2020 European Cup, securing their seats.

The goals of Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane were incredible at Wembley.

This is the first time England has eliminated Germany in 55 years.

The fans celebrated this historic moment and reveled into the night.

Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions will now head to Rome for the quarter-finals starting at 8pm on Saturday night.

They will face Ukraine. Just before the game is about to enter the penalty shoot-out, Ukraine defeated Sweden 2-1 with a dramatic overtime winner.

At the same time, after seeing Eden Hazard cringe in training, his game may end.

The Belgian ace has sprained a hamstring in the past 16 games against Portugal.

After training on Tuesday, Hazard is unlikely to play in Friday’s game against Italy.

Finally, Barcelona announced that Osman Dembele will be absent for four months after undergoing knee surgery.

The winger injured his knee in the European group match between France and Hungary.

Since then, he underwent surgery in Finland, excluding him from the start of the next season.

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