As the season approaches the midpoint, what we know about the Phillies

As the season approaches the midpoint, what we know about the Phillies



If the weather continues, the Phillies’ season will end on Saturday night with some majestic burn marks on the old gas grill at the end of the 81st game.

However, we do not know more about this team than on the opening day, but it is very worrying to say the least.

give up halfway. If this is a normal division, then they have done it, thanks in large part to the worst defensive efforts made by the Phillies in a generation, and from the historically bad 2020 to 2021 Bullpen.

However, the last part is the key. They are not finished yet. Although three games were 37-40 below 0.500, the Phillies were still only five games behind the Mets in the divisional game and only six games behind in the losing row.

So when we reach the midpoint, how much do we know about this team? Well, let’s consider item by item:

• The starting pitch is enough to get you into the playoffs immediately.

You can have the entire “Aaron Nola is an ace” argument as you like. Sometimes, Zach Eflin (Zach Eflin) may go off track. However, the basic fact remains that at least four-fifths-Philadelphia will get enough effective starting pitches to contend. Everything Zach Wheeler has done is extraordinary, and in a normal non-Jacob DeGrom season, he will get some serious Cy Young.

• After all, the bullpen really hasn’t gotten better.

When the season started, it was thought that Archie Bradley would be closer to Hector Neris and he would enter the eighth inning. But Bradley was injured very early, and his speed did not really return to the necessary level. The ninth inning of the Phillies has been Groundhog Day, with 21 saves. Bradhand’s pass-he has always been good for Washington-looks more and more like a major mistake.

• Bryce Harper’s injury is worrying

For someone with a 10-year contract, getting hit in the face and wrist is a fluke, and you can’t blame it on injuries. Back? Well, this is a different story. The worrying thing is that with age, the back usually does not get better. It seems that occasionally problematic shoulder problems occur, and considering the length of the contract, this is definitely a problem.

• You really can’t play Alec Bohm and Rees Hoskins together on the court anymore.

Call it “non-corner.” In this case, both of them are responsible. Any attempt to play together in these places for a long time will not work. Offensive production cannot exceed defensive issues. Now, if the designated batsman enters the National League next season, you can try to keep both in the lineup. But at this rate, having both in the field is a secret to continued frustration.

• Joe Girardi is really disappointing

The roster problem is real and very spectacular. But let’s be honest: how Girardi’s management style was once a symbol of a stable competitor-especially in the bullpen-has fallen far behind. Incredibly, Girardi seemed to be so badly hurt for a manager who seemed to have job security.From the weird “competitive advantage” to player status, to “What is that?” Last week’s third inspection of Max Scherzer, Girardi appeared to be defeated and Tighten up. In order for this team to get where it wants to go, he must get better in the dugout.

• Next month will be critical to the near future of the franchise

Yes, trade deadlines are crucial in every season. But what the Phillies are fighting against is the interest clock. Even if the Hawks will not perform well, once training camp begins, they will still grab all the oxygen in the town. Once the NBA Finals are over and the draft begins, everything that happened to Ben Simmons will become the second biggest story in town. Adding all of these together, in the eyes of the public, you are a way of no return for this team. If they do not exceed five games by the end of July, there may be tumbleweeds in the northeast corner of No. 11 and Pattison.

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