After asking Biden to take a cognitive test, Donald visited the “Unfinished Wall” and trolled Kamala

Trump attacked Biden for overthrowing his border policy (Part 4)

In his Washington Post column, what made the former president angry was that Biden resumed his arrest and release plan.

Trump stated that his administration “has achieved an incredible 90% reduction in illegal border crossings.”

However, he accused Biden of sabotaging this work and pointed out that the number of illegal border crossings has increased by nearly 700% over last year.

“Joe Biden resumed his arrest and release, tore up our hard-won asylum agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, and declared that anyone on the planet living in a crime-affected area is now eligible for asylum. America,” he continued.

“At the same time, ICE has been effectively shut down, senior border security officials have been fired, and criminals are being released in record numbers.

Trump added that “the wall is effective” and stated that “Biden has given up his swearing duties, Texas Now it is said that they will “build a wall”.

“This shouldn’t be necessary, at best it’s just a band-aid for the huge wound that Biden caused,” Trump said.

“The governor and the state legislature should certainly do what they can-but there is no substitute for federal action.”

Credit: Agence France-Presse

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