What are they talking about: Is it time for the Eagles to release Zach Ertz?

What are they talking about: Is it time for the Eagles to release Zach Ertz?



We are still a month away from the start of the Eagles training camp. To many people’s surprise, Zach Oetz is still on the list. But when the team reported to NovaCare Complex in late July, Ertz would almost certainly not be there.

Since the end of the season, there have been rumors that, considering Oetz’s contract status and Dallas Goldt’s becoming the top ten players in this position, 2020 may be his last year in Philadelphia. In fact, the 2019 season began to talk about Ertz’s imminent departure. At the time, it was reported that Ertz was looking for but failed to renew his contract with the Eagles, despite being one of the best players on the team and a great team.

During the offseason, when the team decided to blow up all of this, fired coach Doug Pedersen and traded quarterback Carson Wentz to the Colts, Oetz’s belief in being traded was further consolidated. Some people think that Ertz will follow his friends to Indy and Frank Reich to reunite. Others think there may be several other teams that are interested in acquiring players like Oetz. Although he has had a sluggish (injury-affected) year on a dysfunctional team, he is still of almost any kind. The teams can all be owned on their roster.

But since Eltz owed more than $8 million in the final year of his contract, perhaps some teams have been reluctant to pay this price-not to mention the reported high asking price of Howie Rothman and the Hawks. However, it is more likely that these teams know that if they are just waiting for the Hawks to be out, they may have the opportunity to buy Ertz at a discount, without having to give up the pick in the process.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing seems certain: Unless the Eagles suddenly change face and reach an agreement on his contract with their tensions, Eltz will not be on the court when the training camp starts next month. on.He has skipped the team’s spring training and According to Jeff McLeanHe will not report until his contract issue is resolved.

But now training camp is around the corner-the Eagles may need some salary cap relief, and they will move from Eltz to areas that address other needs-some people are beginning to wonder if it’s time to release Eltz and move.

This is the beginning of our “what are they talking” today…

Is it time to say goodbye to Ertz?

Ruben Frank | NBC Sports Philadelphia

In NBC Sports Philadelphia, Ruben Frank wrote about the Ertz legend and why the Eagles should simply cut off the 30-year-old tights-assuming they couldn’t reach some kind of agreement and restructure the contract.

It’s time to solve this problem. It’s time to find out the final game. It’s time for Ertz to be free, if that’s what he really wants.

Now, I still don’t understand why the Hawks and Oates couldn’t find something in common and let him stay in Philadelphia in the final year of his contract. I am a big fan of Dallas Goedert. He is already a top 10 tight end. Richard Rogers is also an outstanding player. But there is no doubt that this is a better team with Ertz on the court. Although disappointing for him last year, Ertz can still play. For a young, inexperienced quarterback, there is nothing better than someone who is still as good as anyone who moves the chain in the 3 and 5 positions. Is the close end better?

The Eagles have clearly hoped that Eltz will come back, and Eltz also knows how much he loves this city. They should be able to solve some problems. Not to mention that if he stayed here, he would get 8 million dollars. If he is released, the 8 million dollars will evaporate, and no matter where he lands, he will not approach it. Therefore, by clarifying this point, both sides will gain something.

if not? What if Eltz really feels betrayed by the Eagles so that he can no longer wear that number 86 jersey? Then it’s time.

Let him go. Stop waiting for an offer that may not come. [nbcsports.com]

In addition to this is the right thing for a veteran who has paid a lot for your team, it is also the right thing for a first-year coach, because he will not hang up on him because of the distraction of the veteran. On the head. Nick Sirianni is often asked about this, and he doesn’t need that.

It is also worth noting that at this point, with the tearful press conference and those post-match shots of Oetz lingering on the court after the final game of the season, it may be too late to try to accomplish something. . Ertz can (and arguably should) feel that it has even reached this point, and from a simple pride point of view, he can choose to move on instead of trying to come back at a discounted price. Let us only hope that this will not become uglier until it is resolved.

Exhausted options

Nick Fierro | Allentown Morning Post

Nick Fierro of Allentown Morning Call also thinks it’s time for the Eagles to release Ertz. But not necessarily, because this is the correct approach. At this point, they may have no other choice.

But due to Ertz’s decline and recent injury history, his huge salary cap in 2021 ($12.7 million), age (30 years), and the Hawks’ refusal to trade him in exchange for compensation they deem unfair, is a problem. Difficult to finalize.

The action was anticipated a long time ago, and time is running out now, because the training camp will start next month, and Eltz is still on the roster. This is not the Hawks wanting to be the new coach Nick Siriani and most of the new employees. The way to move forward under the leadership of the company. They cannot afford contract disputes to distract a team that needs to get all the work before it is ready for the real game.

The Hawks’ poker game against other teams in the league must end soon. The Eagles have always hoped that someone would blink and reach out. But from the current situation, they will have to give up by releasing Ertz and leaving the situation behind. [mcall.com]

10 reasons why…
eagle | cowboy | giant | WFT | The rest of the NFL
…Will be a garbage dump fire

Corner problem

Bill Barnwell | ESPN

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell (Bill Barnwell) looked at 16 teams with obvious depth issues in their main positions. If you have been following the Hawks’ offseason and seeing them being included in the list because of the cornerback’s plight, you shouldn’t be surprised.

At this point, the Hawks have three options: 1) Solve this position by bringing in someone (probably Steven Nelson); 2) Do nothing and get lucky with Zech McPhearson or Michael Jaquet; 3) Do nothing , Makes many writers who complain about the lack of CB depth in the team look smart.

For some WR teams, they will have to fight in their own department this year, not to mention other parts of the league. Just having a starting quality CB on the periphery may be disastrous.

Darius Slay, CB, Philadelphia Eagles

Next: Michael Jacques, Zeke McPherson, Kevin Seymour

Cornerbacks are a bit different because a team will use two or three corner kicks in any given fast break, but let’s stay in the NFC East and see if one gets what it wants but may eventually Regret the team. After years of being stingy with cornerbacks and emphasizing the depth of top talent, the Eagles went out to get the No. 1 corner that fans had been clamoring for in the last offseason and traded for Sly, who signed in the process A three-year renewal contract. Sley was unstable in his first season with the Hawks, and the Hawks collapsed in the corner of talent.

Now, partly because it pays Slay too much money, this team is very thin in the corner. Hybrid guard Avonte Maddox may start at this position, but the depth chart of cornerbacks around Slay is one of the weakest in the league. The Hawks are looking for bench-level corner kicks, and practice class players and rookie fourth-round pick McPherson to compete for outside jobs. Good corner kicks sometimes appear out of thin air, but the team does not want to expect to stumble upon a useful player before the season begins.

If Slay is a locked corner in his second season in Philadelphia, then the new defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon will have to worry about the side of the court in every game. If Slay performs poorly or is injured, these corners may have nowhere to hide, especially in divisions with perimeter players such as Amari Cooper, Kenny Golladay and Terry McLaurin. [espn.com]

Where does Sirianni rank?

Dalton Miller | Professional Football Net

It’s difficult to rank coaches who haven’t even coached the game, but that’s what Dalton Miller of Pro Football Network does. And, of course, he let seven rookie head coaches occupy the last seven positions on his roster.

So where is Sirianni? Just in the middle of the coaching staff in the first year (fourth) and 29th.

For the Hawks fans, these are not important. Their only hope is that after seeing what he can do, Sirianni will move in the right direction when the same last one appears next year.

29) Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

It was thought that Nick Sirianni was hired to help repair Carson Wentz, but instead they sent QB to Indianapolis for a deal. Nonetheless, Sirianni did develop some impressive offensive plans during his time with the Colts. Like many new head coaches, this one is to train quarterbacks. The Hawks hope Sirianni can do this with Jalen Hurts. [profootballnetwork.com]

Really terrible deal

David Kenyon | Stand report

In the Bleacher Report, David Kenyon ranked the seven worst deals since 2000 on the list. The Hawks actually made the list twice, once on the right side and once on the wrong side. First, in the McNabb trade to Washington, the Birdies won the second and third round picks for their team QB. McNab never succeeded in DC, only started 13 games, shot 14 TDs and 15 interceptions, and then they replaced him with Alfred Morris. The Eagles-Washington deal ranks sixth on this list.

But we also saw the downside of the Philadelphia trade. The Eagles ranked third in the LeSean McCoy-Kiko Alonso trade. This move still left most Philadelphia fans confused.

3. Chip Kelly sends McCoy to Buffalo

Shortly after becoming the head of Philadelphia football operations in 2015, Chip Kelly made a strange decision. In hindsight, the former Eagles head coach did no good.

Kelly sent full-professional running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso. McCoy had 3,620 yards in the faceoff in the first two years; Alonso, coached by Kelly in Oregon, missed last season due to an ACL injury.

McCoy played for the Bills for three seasons, helping the team through an 18-year postseason drought. Alonso did not win the starting position in Philadelphia, he injured his knee again and was traded to the Miami Dolphins in the next offseason.

The Eagles fired Kelly in December 2015. [bleacherreport.com]

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