The Joe Warren factory in Emmerdale reveals the fate of Jacob Gallagher as Mina Yutra becomes a murderer

EMMERDALE star Joe-Warren Plant has just returned to the soap opera after taking a break for “Dancing on Ice”-but he can leave again.

His character Jacob Gallagher (Jacob Gallagher) became the killer Meena Jutla (Meena Jutla) after appearing between the crazy nurse and his father David Metcalfe (David Metcalfe). ) The first place on the hot list.

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Jacob doesn’t know how dangerous Mina poses to himCredit: ITV

Joe Warren revealed how Mina’s evil behavior will remind Jacob of how he was trained and abused by the pedophile Maya Stepney, and made him feel scared.

He said: “Jacob was upset after her subtle threat. He witnessed the authority and manipulation against him with his own eyes, so I believe this will trigger something in his brain and bring him back to that dark place.

“It made him feel a little scared in a way.”

He even thinks that Jacob may be Mina’s first victim when he kills in the village next week.

Killer Mina will claim another victim in the village


Killer Mina will claim another victim in the villageCredit: ITV

Joe Warren teased: “Jacob is very dangerous. Especially when the murderer is so close to home.”

He added: “Jacob and Mina disagree.

“He thinks she is a jealous and controlling figure, and has noticed her treatment of people close to David, such as Leyla and Priya.

“He absolutely disagrees with her behavior and has already explained to Leanna how suspicious he is and doesn’t trust Meena.”

Speaking of returning to the set, the actor said: “I am very happy to be back on the set with this group of people!

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Jacob Gallagher of Emmerdale threatened to falsely accuse Billy Fletcher of being a pedophile

“It has been more than 8 months since I left the village to start my ice dance training, and I miss it very much.

“Everyone in Emmerdale is like family to me, it feels like I have been away from “home” for many years and have such a long vacation.

“My DOI run ended in early February, so I have about 2 months of doing nothing, actually just lying in bed and charging, and then coming back to work.”

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