Royal News-Prince Harry nods to William in the new video because he remembers the “compassionate” Princess Diana

After the royal contacted Corden, Prince Harry “had wanted to appear on James Corden’s chat show for years” because he wanted to “make people cheer up”

In a chat with James Corden, the host of the TV show released in February, the 36-year-old Duke of Sussex revealed that he and Meghan were between “zero to sixty” and lived in London How the stress of “destroyed my mental health”.

In the long chat, Harry told Corden that he “never left” the royal family, he immigrated to Los Angeles and did “whatever husband or father would do.”

Hollywood Report Tell the producer what Ben Winston said:'[Harry] Say, “We are lifting the blockade. I’m in Los Angeles. You think we should plan something interesting to cheer everyone up in some way.”

In a panel discussion with Ru Paul about his CBS show, James explained: “Sometime in London, if you go out for long enough and drink long enough, you may occasionally run into Prince Harry.”

He said that he “has always liked him very, very much” and performed a 10-minute “show” at the royal wedding with Megan in 2018.

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