Questlove features Philadelphia artists in a billboard series promoting “Summer of Souls”

Questlove features Philadelphia artists in a billboard series promoting “Summer of Souls”


Questlove collaborated with Mural Arts to display local artists on a series of billboards and advertise his upcoming documentary “Summer of Souls”.

For about a month, the founder of Roots and Searchlight Productions collaborated with Mural Arts to find three local artists to make their own billboard-sized murals, which can be seen from the I-95 corridor and the streets of Fish Town.

“Questlove wanted to do something special in Philadelphia when talking to Searchlight Pictures,” project manager Conrad Benner said in an interview with the Voice of Philadelphia. “There were some different ideas, but in the end it was decided to hire three local artists of color to create three works of art inspired by movies, and then turn these works of art into billboards.”

Benner said Philadelphia is the only city where local artists have appeared in movie ads. The artists were selected from previous mural art projects, and each of them was able to screen the movie in advance to get inspiration for their work.

“In my opinion, Questlove directed a work of art. Then hiring, hiring and supporting local artists to celebrate the art, I think this is a very natural way to help promote such things,” Benner said.

the film, “Summer of Souls” It tells the story of the Harlem Cultural Festival in 1969, sometimes referred to as “Black Woodstock”, with performers such as Stevie Wonder and the Fifth Dimension.

Although there were thousands of participants, the event was largely forgotten after the footage recording it was lost. Later, the video was found in the basement of one of the event directors, and Questlove was asked to make something with it.

“Summer of Souls” debut Sundance Film Festival 2021 And won the audience award and jury award for non-fiction films.

The first of the three billboards was unveiled last Friday and marked Simon CrossMurals.

Salib is an Egyptian and Cuban portrait painter who uses lines and bright colors in her works.She created several murals for the city, including Wash your hands with We did it.

Salib said that after Searchlight Pictures contacted her about this mural, she completed her design in about a week and a half.

“I’m very lucky to be included in this project, to be able to really experience it and make something that truly represents the entire movie after watching it,” Salib said in an interview with the Voice of Philadelphia.

She said that she was inspired by the colorful building blocks on the festival stage and hoped to capture the joy and celebration that live music brings to her.

“The atmosphere and energy of everything and people’s clothing, their appearance and their level of excitement, you can feel it throughout the movie,” she said. “I just want to capture the essence of what people see when they participate in the festival.”

Salib’s billboard mural will last until Wednesday, when it will be replaced Enel MartinezPortrait. Martinez created several works for mural art and received a master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania.

Then, on July 6, from Arthur Haywood Will be on display until July 18. Haywood is also an veteran of mural art, and is currently creating artworks for Lycée Paul Lapie at the Fondation Des États-Unis in Paris until the end of this month.

The billboard is located in a high-traffic area with high visibility.

“It is a rare opportunity for so many people to see your work,” Benner said.

year 2013, Mural art commissioned to make murals Pay tribute to The Roots on the side of the charter school on Broad Street and South Street, half a mile from Philadelphia Creative and Performing Arts High School, where Questlove went to school and met Roots members Black Thought and Tariq Trotter.

Questlove also collaborated with Mural Art in 2011, telling a walking tour called “Mural Art African American Iconic Image Collection”.

“Summer of Souls” will be screened on Hulu and selected theaters on July 2nd, including Bryn Mawr Film School, AMC locations in South Jersey, and a special screening on the exchange.

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