Prevent renters from burning down your property on July 4

Prevent renters from burning down your property on July 4


The celebration of Independence Day is coming soon, and with it comes the risk of accidents and fires. Although most people have taken precautions, landlords have additional concerns when it comes to tenants. The following are some property management tips that can help prevent or reduce property damage and personal injury caused by fireworks and fires on July 4th.

Do I need to prepare leasing documents?

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Can you stop renters from setting off fireworks on your property?

There are two ways to stop renters from setting off July 4th fireworks on your property. One is through your lease and the other involves local laws.

Your lease may have a list of rules, or it may refer to a separate list of rules, such as a zoning or homeowners association charter. For example, the lease of a multi-family house may refer to separate community rules, such as pool time. Your lease or the rules themselves may give you the right to modify these rules at any time. This is useful because the fireworks clause is not a common lease clause. If your lease allows you to make rules, you can inform your tenants before the holidays that fireworks are not allowed on the property.

Many local laws and regulations also prohibit fireworks. One reminder is enough to prevent many tenants from using fireworks. If your tenant violates these laws, especially if it disturbs other people or causes property damage, you may have the right to be evicted for illegal activities.

You can use rocket lawyer Eviction process worksheet To determine if you can be evicted and what steps you can take. Please keep in mind that local laws will vary as to whether fireworks are set off serious enough to be expelled.

Do you have a list before July 4th?

Because you can never predict what your tenants or neighbors will do, it is best to ensure that your rental property is prepared for possible fireworks incidents. Consider this list:

  • Confirm that all devices have working smoke detectors.You might want to use Landlord Entry Notice So that you can check all smoke detectors. In addition, you may need to replace the battery or replace the old smoke detector.
  • Confirm that the fire extinguisher is easily accessible and has not expired. It is a good practice to have a fire extinguisher for each unit or to connect to the outside of the multi-family unit. Although fire extinguishers usually require professional inspection, you can still check the expiration date and make sure they are in place and easily accessible.
  • Remove dead leaves and other fires. Remove any debris from the yard that burns easily when struck by sparks. If you rely on tenants for landscaping, you can do a pre-holiday inspection.
  • Confirm that the lighting and security systems in public areas are working properly. Holidays are prime time for thieves to try to take advantage of everyone’s opportunity to leave. In addition, you don’t want tenants who have drunk too much to get injured because the lights don’t turn on.

What can property managers do to help tenants celebrate safely?

Property managers and landlords can take some additional measures to help tenants enjoy their holidays safely.

Post or send notices about holiday safety

Consider posting information about your property or sending notices about legal and illegal fireworks and emergency service phone numbers via regular mail or email. For example, local laws may allow the use of pyrotechnics and vials of rockets. If tenants know what is allowed, they can choose the safer option instead of the more dangerous option. Providing non-emergency fire and police numbers allows tenants to more confidently report potential hazards that they believe are not serious enough for 911.

Regulations for safe disposal of used fireworks

If you allow fireworks, or even if you do not allow fireworks, make sure to dispose of any flammable materials safely. These materials should be placed in an outdoor metal trash can. Separate this material from anything else that can burn.

Provide designated area and time

This requires more proactiveness, but it may prevent more dangerous use of fireworks in situations beyond your control. Specifying the place and time for fireworks can help you take fire prevention measures and avoid noise complaints.

Do you have a question about fireworks?

Do you have questions about what rules you can set, what is allowed in your area, or the responsibility of allowing fireworks?Reach for Rocket lawyers on call® lawyer Get answers to questions about rental properties.

This article contains general legal information and does not contain legal advice. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm, nor is it a substitute for a lawyer or a law firm. The law is complex and changes frequently.For legal advice, please Ask a lawyer.

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