Philadelphia students begin to expand summer school to make up for COVID losses

Philadelphia students begin to expand summer school to make up for COVID losses



The past year has been challenging for students both academically and socially because they have to deal with virtual learning and the pressure of the pandemic.

The Philadelphia School District has partnered with the city to provide an expanded summer school program to help students prepare for this fall’s courses and make up for the time lost after leaving the classroom for most of the past school year.

“After a year of virtual learning, we understand more than ever that our students will seek academic support, opportunities to connect with their peers in the summer, and help them prepare to resume face-to-face learning in the fall of 2021. “ District Say“We designed our summer courses to deal with the challenges we know our students face now.”

Students often experience “learning loss” during summer vacation, called “summer vacation”, even in normal years. But the pandemic has made the need to learn to maintain even more important.

“Because they are not studying every day, students may forget what they learned during the school year,” the school district official said. “Facts have proved that the summer study program can maintain and promote students’ academic and social development.”

According to a report by Horace Mann, more than half of public school teachers stated that the pandemic caused “significant” learning losses in the previous school year. CNBC reported.

Those surveyed in the report said that summer schools can help make up for lost face-to-face teaching time.

School District Summer Program Including rich activities such as arts and sports, it feels like a full day of summer camp experience. Officials said they are using federal COVID assistance to help pay for the additional costs of summer programs.

Although summer courses are offered every year, dThe demand has increased significantly this year. Approximately 15,000 students have enrolled in the extended course, and typically only 4,000 to 5,000 students have enrolled each year. 6ABC report.

The school district stated that after the increase in registration, it must increase the number of locations for summer programs to 26.

The school district collaborates with the city’s Office of Children and Families, University of Pennsylvania, William Penn Foundation, Read2Succeed, and the Philadelphia Youth Network to make this program possible.

On Monday, Mayor Jim Kenny spoke with school district leaders at William Hunter Elementary School in Kensington to mark the beginning of the program.

“As an educator, as a grandparent, I know how important it is for our young people to participate in such courses in the summer,” said Dr. William Hite, the person in charge. 6ABC report.

The state is also providing some support for educators. The Pennsylvania Department of Education created a Toolkit and study guide Let school leaders address the overall learning loss caused by the pandemic and provide resources for the upcoming school year.


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