Philadelphia predicts: due to sweating from the hot and humid temperature in the area, the city declares a high temperature emergency

Philadelphia predicts: due to sweating from the hot and humid temperature in the area, the city declares a high temperature emergency



As extremely hot and humid weather continues to sweep the Delaware Valley this week, Philadelphia has issued a high-temperature health emergency.

Of the city High temperature emergency Effective at 8 AM on Tuesday, and will continue until Wednesday.

Cooling stations have been set up in 7 public library branches and 6 SEPTA buses in the city. These air-conditioned locations are open to the public.

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The library cooling center will extend its business hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. SEPTA’s cooling bus will be open from 11 am to 7 pm for the next two days. It is highly recommended to use face shields on seven library branches and all six SEPTA cooling buses.

The citizens can also visit more than 90 houses in the city”Spray field“Open every day in summer. In addition, Four public swimming pools in Philadelphia It will reopen tomorrow.

A complete map of cooling centers, buses and public spraying sites, as well as business hours, can be found on the website City website Or dial 311.Residents can also use the city’s Find tools Find the nearest pool or fountain.

The Philadelphia Aging Corporation’s hotline can provide residents with health and safety tips from medical professionals. The hotline is open before midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday, call (215) 765-9040.

The City’s Homeless Service Office has stepped up outreach work to help residents in need. ACCT Philadelphia is implementing additional pet safety measures.

As the National Weather Service announced the high temperature emergency in the city Overheating warning Monday in most of the Philadelphia area.

The warning is valid until 8pm on Wednesday night and covers Philadelphia and Delaware counties, as well as parts of Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery counties. Weather alerts also include Camden and Gloucester counties, as well as parts of Burlington County, New Jersey.

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, the high temperature index in parts of the region may rise to 105. It is expected that the temperature in these two days will reach 97 degrees.The normal high temperature in Philadelphia at this time of year is usually 87 degrees, according to National Weather Service.

These days may be a good day for a beach trip to the Jersey Shore, as the temperature in the coastal areas is expected to be much cooler.

The following is the complete forecast for the Philadelphia area to Wednesday National Weather Service.

on Tuesday: Sunny and hot, the high point is close to 97. The heat index value is as high as 105. It is sunny for most of the night, with a low of around 76.
• on Wednesday: Sunny and hot, the highest is close to 97. The heat index is as high as 103. There were light showers and thunderstorms before 2 pm. Some storms may produce heavy rain and gusts. The probability of precipitation is 20%. It was cloudy at night and the temperature was as low as about 73 degrees. After 8 pm, there may be showers and thunderstorms, and heavy rain and gusts may occur. The probability of precipitation is 40%.

This is the second heat wave that the region has just experienced this month.Hot consultation is Released in most regions in early June When the temperature reaches above 90 degrees, the heat index reaches 100.


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