Michael Gove said the Prime Minister has the right not to fire Hancock for extramarital affairs

Michael Gove said that Boris Johnson was correct not to fire Matt Hancock after evidence of his office romance emerged.

The former Minister of Health resigned the day after a photo of him kissing his adviser Gina Coladangelo (Gina Coladangelo) was published in The Sun.

The Prime Minister then claimed through his spokesperson that after Mr. Hancock apologized to him for violating social distancing rules for hugging in his Whitehall office, he “considered the matter was over.”

But the next day, the married 42-year-old West Suffolk MP announced his resignation.

When asked about this during his visit to Aberdeen, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Gove said: “I think Matt made the right decision. I think that in all these issues, we all have the opportunity to reflect on the incident. Different aspects. Important. But now Matt has made a decision and I think we should respect this.”


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