Covid UK news LIVE-375,000 students are absent from schools in England due to the virus as Wales records zero deaths for the first time

The Scottish Health Minister said the surge in COVID-19 cases may be “related to football fans watching the euro”

The Minister of Health of Scotland Humza Yousaf (Humza Yousaf) said that part of the surge in coronavirus cases is related to fans watching the Euro 2020 games indoors.

Mr. Yusuf added that many cases are also related to coaches transporting fans to London to watch Scotland games.

On Monday, daily coronavirus data showed that 3,285 people reported positive for Covid-19 overnight, the highest number since the pandemic began.

However, vaccination weakened the connection between cases and being sent to hospital.

In an interview with the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland program, Mr. Youssef said that the government is cautious, but the ministers have not considered implementing further restrictions in the most affected areas.

He said: “If we look at the data provided, it is clear that it is disproportionately biased towards young men under 40.”

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