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Driven by the leisure and hospitality industries, the number of recruits in the private sector in the United States increased more than expected this month, as the number of people vaccinated and reopened across the country continued to boost the labor market.

According to a report by the payroll processing agency ADP, the number of private employment in the United States increased by 692,000 in June. A Refinitiv survey showed that this exceeded the 600,000 job increase expected by economists, but was lower than the 886,000 job increase in May.

“The labor market recovery remains strong, and June ended the strong second-quarter job growth,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist of ADP.

Although the number of people employed is nearly 7 million fewer than the pre-pandemic level, about 3 million jobs have been created since the beginning of this year.

Large companies with more than 500 employees accounted for most of the growth, with 240,000 employees. The service industry, most affected by the lockdown caused by the pandemic, promoted recruitment, adding 624,000 jobs, of which the leisure and hospitality industries accounted for 332,000 jobs. At the same time, only 68,000 jobs were created in the commodity production sector.

Richardson added: “The service providers who have been hit hardest continue to shoulder heavy responsibilities. As companies across the country begin to resume work in full, the leisure and hospitality industries have the strongest earnings.”

The increase in vaccination—more than 154 million Americans are fully vaccinated, or about 46.4% of the population—and the reopening of major economic centers such as New York and California have laid the foundation for a rebound in recruitment.

However, due to concerns about Covid-19 infection in the workplace, childcare restrictions, and some economists extending federal unemployment benefits, American companies continue to work hard to resolve labor shortages.

Data leadership Friday non-agricultural employment report, Which is expected to show that the US economy has created 700,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate has dropped slightly from the previous 5.8% to 5.7%.

“Although we expect official data to show that labor market conditions will also generally improve in June, the background of the severe labor shortage means that we believe that the consensus estimate of 700,000 non-agricultural employment increases is too optimistic,” said Michael Pierce, Capital Investment Macroeconomics Home.

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