After their owners were airlifted to the hospital, the dogs were taken away by NS emergency personnel

After their owners were airlifted to the hospital, the dogs were taken away by NS emergency personnel


On Monday morning, when Matthew Van De Riet saw the sad eyes of a Bassett Hound by the highway, he did not expect to spot a car accident ahead.

He didn’t expect to have to take care of the two dogs thrown from the car in the end, so that the owners can focus on their recovery.

He said he was not a good Samaritan-it was just the way of Nova Scotia.

“I saw the Buggy Hound… I mean, it must be looking at me, just saying,’Thank God,’ because she almost jumped directly into my arms,” ??Van der Reiter said.

At this moment, he saw the dust and debris around a white sports car in front of him, its wheels tilted upwards and the roof collapsed.

“I put [the dog] Just on the truck, and then start working for the owner,” Van De Riet said.

He found a young couple in the car. The car crashed on a remote section of Highway 104 between Bible Hill and New Glasgow at about 11 am.

“I know the cub was shaken”

This man from Milford, New Hampshire, USA got a first aid kit from his van, made sure that a bystander called 911, and with the help of another person, began to open the “every band-aid in his first aid kit” And a piece of gauze”, trying to stop the blood of the female passenger.

Kipper, back row, Merlin, front row, after being thrown out of the car in the crash, immediately rested on Van De Riet’s truck. (Submitted by Matthew Van der Ritter)

He said that a nurse arrived at the scene and replaced him.

At that time, Van De Riet turned his attention back to the dog, worried that if the couple were taken to the hospital by ambulance or helicopter, the cubs might be trapped.

He learned that the couple had only moved to Nova Scotia two months ago. The man works for CFB Greenwood, and neither he nor his girlfriend have family members in the area.

“I think the least I can do is take these dogs home,” he said. “I know the cubs are frightened-I know that if someone has an accident and their loved one is injured, the last thing they need to worry about is their dog.”

But Van De Riet did more than just take care of the 10-year-old Kipper and the two-year-old shepherd Merlin.

When the driver of the crashed vehicle learned that he could not travel in an air ambulance with his girlfriend, Van der Reiter loaded both dogs into his truck-as well as camping equipment, dog beds, leashes and the destroyed car Toys-and then provided to the driver to drive to Halifax Hospital.

CBC Nova Scotia had a conversation with the male driver, but he wanted to talk to his partner before agreeing to be interviewed.

The owner of the dog will fully recover

He told VanDrittle in a text message that his partner’s arm had been cast and that she was under observation, but she was expected to fully recover.

So can dogs.

Kipper and Merlin are in pain, but the veterinarian said they will fully recover. (Submitted by Matthew Van der Ritter)

Van De Riet took them to the Elmsdale Animal Hospital, where they received free examinations and painkillers. Kipper’s back hurts, and Merlin’s legs seem to be a little stiff, their adoptive father said.

The puppies made friends with two of Van Drittle’s small dobermans last night, ate some painkillers and snacks, and settled down. The Budgel hound huddled up and slept next to Van Driet all night.

“They trust me completely, knowing that I will not hurt them and will take care of them,” he said.

He dismissed the suggestion that he did something special.

“Like I said, this is the least I can do-if they are from my point of view, I would like anyone in this province to do the same thing,” Van Drett said. “It happens that I was the first person to get there, I guess.”

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