2021 Wimbledon Tennis Championship live results: Roger Federer played today, Venus Williams won three sets of championships

As the first round continues, Wimbledon 2021 is in full swing!

Roger Federer and Serena Williams will start their campaign today on the next exciting day.

Novak Djokovic entered the second round, but was taken aback early when he lost to 19-year-old British wild card player Mark Draper in the first set.

At the same time, Andy Murray returned to SW19 for a long time-and won in front of the admiring crowd.

  • Roger Federer start time: 2.45pm*
  • Serena Williams start time: 4.45pm*
  • live TV broadcast: BBC/BBC iPlayer

Follow all the latest updates below…

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  • Broke!

    Carla Suarez Navarro broke Barty and we led 5-5 in the second set!

  • Batty rest

    World No. 1 led 5-4 in the second set.

    She will now have a place in the second round.

  • Still raining

    As the game is still interrupted, the outfield is a regrettable sight.

    Rain cover for the next day
    Rain cover for the next day
    Audience avoidance
    Audience avoidance
  • New ball please

    There are some surprises and some obvious shouts here.

    The top players all choose the top European teams.

    There is also Basel Football Club.

  • Murray Magic

    He continues to be Francis Tiafo! ?

  • All smiles in practice

    After the elimination of third seed Stefanos Sisipas yesterday, Francis Tiafo showed his very contagious personality after the game.

    The Americans continued to smile on the driving range this morning.

    He also spent time training with No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic, and his humor obviously worked!

    Frances Tiafo
    Frances Tiafo
    Djokovic enjoys his company
    Djokovic enjoys his company
  • Batty’s strong start

    Slight delay in roof closure.

    But Ashbarty made a blockbuster, winning four games in the rebound, starting 6-1.

  • How did she do it

    The 41-year-old Venus won the last point of the first round.

    It’s nice to see how much this also means to her.

    Please also pay attention to 26 seconds and see if her mother is also ecstatic for her!

  • They closed again

    It is playing under the roof, because we look forward to the intermittent showers for the rest of the day!

    The staff removes the lid
    The staff removes the lid
  • cover up

    The player in the middle is walking back to their first round.

    A classic Wimbledon sight…

    The cover appeared at Wimbledon
    The cover appeared at Wimbledon
    Typical scene
    Typical scene
  • Shelter from the rain

    Just before the light rain, Venus Williams won her first round.

    Mihaela Buzarnescu took her to three sets and finally won the tiebreaker 6-3.

    Venus Williams
    Venus Williams
  • It’s raining here…

    Surprise-Broly is on the rise!

    All courts are closed, including the center forward.

    Ash Barty served 2-1 and Carla Suarez Navarro served a home run for 40!

  • Delhi this morning

    get it?

    Some famous faces arrive before the important sports day!

    Dermot O'Leary and Nicola Coughlan
    Dermot O’Leary and Nicola Coughlan
  • They are coming

    The midfield lawsuit for the second day is underway!

  • Main gameplay

    Centre court will begin soon, and women’s top players will see Ash Barty begin to seek the glory of Wimbledon.

    Roger Federer and Serena Williams will also come later!

    Central Court (from 1.30 pm)

    • Ashley Barty (1) vs. Carla Suarez Navarro
    • Roger Federer (6) vs. Adrian Mannarino
    • Aliaksandra Sasnovich vs Serena Williams (6)
  • Lopez

    Feliciano Lopez 77th consecutive time Grand slam.

    An extraordinary game can be traced back to the French Open in 2002!

  • Evans passed!

    British player Dan Evans defeated Feliciano Lopez in straight sets.

    The conflict that moved to today after being cancelled yesterday was won in more than two hours.

    Dan Evans
    Dan Evans
  • MURRAY: The driving force of the crowd

    Andy Murray believes that in his victory yesterday, the capacity of the midfield is not only 50%.

    Scots have taught themselves during the pandemic and never take your support for granted.

    The crowd must have entered. I think people just desperately want to go out to watch sports or go to the theater.
    People just want to go out and do something and have a good time.
    I think everyone, myself included, in the past 18 months, I have realized not to take such moments for granted. You know, enjoy the things we like to do.
    I think everyone is involved. The atmosphere was really good, and it didn’t feel half-seat.

    Andy Murray

  • Set up the scene

    What is the situation around the venue when the audience continues to line up to enter the venue.

    Mobile ticketing, Covid certification belt and baggage search-very suitable for entry operations.

    It’s worth it when you are inside and carrying a few pints of beer to watch some advanced sports.

    The audience lined up for the second day
    The audience lined up for the second day
    Band distributed
    Band distributed
    Worth the wait
    Worth the wait

  • Roger front

    No, not that kind of positive.

    The great Swiss is happy to return to Wimbledon and hopes to enter the second week.

    He started his game at center this afternoon.

    I think I have to get a positive side from the past few weeks, I am actually at Wimbledon now and I have a chance. I know that if I start rolling, I will enter the second week-this is the goal now, as each game progresses, I will become stronger and stronger-I believe this is very possible.

    Roger Federer

  • Gaelic Power

    A naughty skill of Gael Monfils disappeared in all Murray’s magic last night.

    His late night match last night was called off in the third set with a score of 6 draws!

    He and Australian Chris O’Connell are locked in a group.

  • Nick support

    Before the first singles match later this afternoon, Nick Kilgos was cheering for his doubles partner Venus Williams.

    “The mixed doubles combination of the championship,” Kyrgios called it when it was announced.

  • That upgraded….

    Dan Evans won the next four games to get the second set!

    6-2 Counting Score-Counting 2-0.

    He served again in the third set.

  • British prosperity

    Good news came from Stadium 2 when Dan Evans played his first match against Feliciano Lopez of Spain.

    The Englishman won the tie-break and led 7-6, serving in both games in the second set.

    Dan Evans celebrates
    Dan Evans celebrates
  • Venus Impact

    Nearly an hour after the third game, Venus Williams played the first game with Mihaela Buzanescu.

    After the Romanian scored in a tie in the final game, the opening score was 7-5.

    Venus Williams
    Venus Williams

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