World Cafe Live held two rooftop concerts with Sunset Social in July this year

Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live will host two rooftop parties at Cira Green college town.

Guests can enjoy live music by Philadelphia artists PhillyBloco and Lady Alma, as well as skyline views, food and drinks in the restaurant Sunset social.

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Philadelphia GroupThe “Ultimate Brazilian Ball” will be held on Thursday, July 15.The door opens at 6pm and the show starts at 7:30pm Tickets are $25.

Then on Friday, July 16, Walking Bear Productions will launch the “Gimme That Music” concert, Mrs. AlmaThe door opens at 6 pm, DJ Reddz performs, followed by Vertical Current and Lady Alma at 8 pm Activity is free attend.

Cira Green is located at 129 S. 30th St.

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