Victim’s family looking for answers

Victim’s family looking for answers


San Diego-a family On Sunday night, a man was shot dead while sitting in a car in Sunset Cliffs Nature Park Looking for answers.

According to the San Diego police, shortly before 11:30 in the evening, the police received multiple reports of shooting near the district of Ladera Steret 4500, and someone called for help. When the police arrived, they found multiple gunshot wounds on a victim. Officials gave first aid, but the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The family identified the victim as 33-year-old Akili Cobbs. They say that Cobbs often goes to Sunset Cliffs, which is a popular place for surfers, tourists and stargazers. The parking lot is located below Point Loma Nazarene University and is surrounded by multi-million dollar houses.

By Monday afternoon, flowers marked the shooting scene.

“When he was speaking, he was on the podium,” the victim’s brother Marcellus Johnson told FOX 5. “When he speaks, he is speaking to the crowd.”

The victim’s family stated that they hoped that the neighbor’s home security camera would capture the incident and did not believe it was a random attack.

“It’s not like him,” Johnson said. “He has no conflicts like that.”

Although the police are focused on investigations, the family hopes to get some benefits from it.

“Make this place bright and bring something, because there was a murder here,” Johnson said. “Listen, there is nothing here that tells me murder. It’s beautiful. So that’s why I want to build this place, for my brothers, and for the people who live nearby.”

Some frustrated neighbors said that they would like to see the gate of the parking lot locked at night, with street lights or patrol guards nearby.

The police said they have a Ring camera video of a nearby residence and hope it can provide some answers.

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