TrustSwap launches token generators for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

TrustSwap launches token generators for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain



TrustSwap, a A full-service digital asset ecosystem, Today announced the launch of Mint, an Ethereum and Binance smart chain token generator that allows users to create audited cryptocurrency tokens without coding experience. Combining SmartLocks and liquidity and token locking solutions, Mint has completed the last cycle of the TrustSwap SmartLaunch ecosystem.

“Through Mint, we allow anyone who visits the TrustSwap ecosystem to easily create their own tokens within minutes. We are happy to introduce Mint to the TrustSwap community. Whether it is setting up token economics, inflation or deflationary attributes, It is still to determine the opening and closing of the pre-sale of the token; we have eliminated the pressure, risk and cost of creating tokens for the upcoming crypto project.”
-Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap

Mint allows anyone to create fully audited tokens on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain within minutes; only the gas fee is paid. When Mint is used to create tokens, 0.5% of the total supply is reserved for the breeding pool and 0.1% is used for the growth of TrustSwap.

All Mint contracts are audited by two leading blockchain security companies, Certik and Hacken. In addition, the code was open sourced before the token was minted.

Other notable features of Mint include:

  • Team token ownership – All tokens created in the generator can choose to use SmartLock to seamlessly acquire a part of the tokens and lock them in the vesting schedule.
  • Pre-audited smart contracts – Token holders and investors have confidence, build trust, and save you time and money for audits and developers.
  • Modular components – Choose to add the features that are commonly used by the largest coin in the space for your tokens.

Mint will be customized for ERC-20 and BEP-20 during the launch; additional chains will be added. In addition, other functions will be added to the minting function, such as stakeout, inflation, deflation and rebasing.



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