The mother of two asks for help because her monthly expenditure is £5,000… and it does not include food, gasoline or overnight stays

The mother of two asks for help because her monthly expenditure is £5,000… and it does not include food, gasoline or overnight stays



After revealing the crazy amount of money she spends at home every month, a mother desperately seeks the comfort of other parents.

Running a busy family may see an increase in monthly costs, with money spent on everything from insurance to weekly food stores.


A mother asked for help online after revealing that her crazy monthly expenditure totaled £5,000Credit: Getty

But for a mother with two children, her incredible monthly bill gave her a headache. She turned to the Internet to question whether she “lost the conspiracy” and sought advice on how to reduce spending.

Publish to Mother net, The woman revealed that she spends more than £5,000 a month on direct debits, and the total does not include buying food or refueling for her family of four.

She wrote: “Now I know it is ridiculous to exceed £5,000 per month, but is it normal?

“I am not going to list everything here because it will be an outing, but I can’t figure out how/what to reduce.”

They asked their monthly expenses "normal" Although the disclosed total does not include money spent on food or gasoline


They asked whether their monthly expenses were “normal” and revealed that the total does not include money spent on food or gasolineCredit: Getty

Sharing more details, she continued: “This does not even include food/gas/dining out-just direct debits-but it does include mortgages (£1600), telephones, cars, houses, pets, major illnesses, life Insurance and savings of £350.”

The mother added that she is looking for money-saving websites to determine what expenses she needs to reduce, but hopes other parents can guarantee whether her monthly expenses are “normal”.

She asked: “Is this the normal monthly payment for a family of four or have we lost the land?”

Her post led some people to criticize the mother online because they were confused about her monthly expenditure of £5,000.

“No, you have completely lost the plot,” one person responded. “Why not include food and gasoline?!”

Another said: “No, it’s not normal. Many families don’t even earn half of it!”

The third person wrote: “Your post-mortgage expenditure is £3,400, which does not include food or gasoline! What are you doing with this money, are you using £10 banknotes as toilet paper? This is a damn madness Spend each month.”

The monthly expenses of the two mothers revealed:

  • Mortgage-£1600
  • Pet insurance-£31
  • Car insurance £43
  • Home Insurance-£50
  • Car-400 GBP
  • Milkman-£42
  • Fruit and vegetable box-£65
  • Mobile phone x 3-GBP 90
  • Save-£350
  • Credit Card-GBP 300
  • Holiday savings-£300
  • Netflix-GBP 16
  • Spotify-GBP 10
  • Landline/Internet-£53
  • Sky-£70
  • TV license-£13
  • Work-related professional subscription-£300
  • Gas and electricity-£200
  • Municipal Tax-200 GBP
  • Water-GBP 60
  • Gift subscription-£45
  • Audible-GBP 8
  • Critical illness/life insurance-£340
  • School (dinner/travel, etc.)-£100

Total = 4686 GBP

I agree with the other person’s answer: “This topic will not end well. What are you doing with so much money? 5000 pounds a month! Really?”

Although her mother did not disclose the exact details of all her expenses at the beginning, she later listed each of the expenses, which totaled a little less than £5,000, or £4,686.

However, others pointed out that if she and her partner’s income are sufficient to sustain such high costs, then her monthly bills may be “normal.”

“Well, your mortgage is large, so I think your income is quite high. Obviously 5k is abnormal because the average salary is less than half of it. If you have no debt and live within your means (you are saving, so I think it is That way!) So this is not the real problem, is it? People who earn more tend to spend more money,” one person said.

Another said: “If you can afford it, there is no need to be embarrassed about spending money.”

“It all depends on how much your monthly income is. If your income is 10,000, then the core cost is half, which is obviously no problem,” one person said.

Another suggestion: “If you can save £350 a month, you don’t have to worry.”

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