The Canadian military welcomes the first female second-in-command as it is fighting the crisis of sexual misconduct

Lieutenant General Francis Allen has officially taken over the post of Chief of Defense Staff, making her the first woman to hold the title of second-in-command in the Canadian Army.

Allen was appointed to the position in March, and he assumed that position at a ceremony on Monday.

“The challenges facing the military and our country are complex, complex and subtle, and it is an honor to be able to contribute to the path of the entire defense team,” Allen said in a media statement announcing her promotion to a new role. .

Allen started her career in the military in 1983. She is described by the military as a “network and information warfare expert”, with leadership experience mainly in the technical fields of communications, network operations and information.

Since July 2020, Allen has served as Canada’s military representative to NATO.

The Secretary of Defense Harjit Sajjan said in a statement: “Lieutenant Allen will bring a wealth of command experience to this position, which is achieved through her numerous positions at multiple levels throughout her career. Achieved in leadership roles.

“She will play an important role in driving the ongoing institutional changes of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of Defense.”

Allen’s predecessor resigns amid controversy

Allen replaced the lieutenant general. Mike Rouleau was controversial in his last days in the army.

Rouleau announced earlier this month that he would start leaving the military after reports that he had played golf with the retired Chief of Defense Jonathan Vance and Vance was under investigation for sexual misconduct.

When playing golf with Vance, Rouleau served as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense, the Provost in charge of the military, and overseeing the department responsible for internal military investigations.

It was initially announced that Rouleau would assume a new senior advisory role after Allen was promoted, although he now plans to leave the service altogether.

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