Research finds that China’s Internet power lags behind the U.S. by ten years

Research finds that China’s Internet power lags behind the U.S. by ten years



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China’s advantages as a cyber power are emerging Affected by poor security And weak intelligence analysis, according to a new study that predicts that Beijing will not be able to match the U.S. cyber capabilities for at least a decade.

The study published on Monday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies comes at a time when a series of hacking activities highlight the growing threat of online espionage by hostile countries.

In December last year, US officials discovered that the Russian foreign intelligence agency SVR hijacked the SolarWinds software to infiltrate government targets in Washington, including the Department of Commerce and the Department of Treasury. Three months later, Microsoft’s e-mail software was hacked by suspected Chinese government-backed hackers to investigate American NGOs and think tanks.

Like Russia, China has expertise in offensive cyber operations—online espionage, intellectual property theft, and false propaganda against the United States and its allies. But according to IISS, these two countries are hampered by relatively loose network security compared to their competitors in the ranking of IISS researchers.

Five stories in the news

1. U.S. judge dismissed antitrust lawsuit against Facebook A judge dismissed two antitrust lawsuits Facebook, One filed by the Federal Trade Commission and the other filed by the alliance of states in the United States caused a major blow to regulators and pushed the company’s stock price to record levels.

  • Other technologies: Heavy technology Nasdaq Index It closed up nearly 1%, setting a record high and reversing Friday’s decline.

2. The White House defends air strikes against Iran-backed militia targets This Biden Administration Monday defended an air strike on two Iran-backed militia facilities on the border between Syria and Iraq over the weekend. This is the second such attack by the U.S. military in four months.

3. Hitachi targets strong U.S. growth Hitachi looks forward to a wave Infrastructure expenditure The manufacturing industry under the Biden administration returns because the Japanese industrial group is betting on the US market to promote its next phase of growth.

4. Some Binance customers have been blocked withdrawing Binance customers can no longer use one of the main methods to withdraw and deposit GBP UK payment systemThree days later, the country’s financial regulator banned cryptocurrency exchanges from operating in the UK.

5. Tigray army enters the regional capital The forces loyal to the former ruling party in the Ethiopian rebel Tigray region have entered the capital of the region MeckleThis is the most severe blow to the Addis Ababa government since the terrible conflict that began in November.

The conflict has become a protracted war, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis © AFP via Getty Images

Coronavirus Digest

  • A so-called Multivalent vaccine Can prevent all Covid-19 mutation And any future pathogens from the beta coronavirus family.

  • Hong Kong Yes Ban on British travelers Refusal to enter Chinese territory on the grounds of China’s rising number of coronavirus cases.

  • Thousands of migrant workers fled the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka Escape the imminent blockade and Covid-19 cases surge Link to the Delta variant.

  • Hope is fading fast U.S. and U.K. Will agree to open one Sky corridor Before the end of summer.

  • England The new Minister of Health says he wants the country to return to normal “ASAP“After succeeding Matt Hancock Resign over the weekend After an extramarital affair.

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the day before

G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Senior officials will meet in Italy today.Although the Biden administration has Urged to a meeting According to reports, between U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Brinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Will not hold a meeting. (UK “Financial Times”, Reuters)

Euro 2020: England vs. Germany For most English fans, the second round of the 2020 European Cup at Wembley on Tuesday should be a friendly game. This is mainly because the British now define themselves more as opposing each other rather than opposing the Germans. Simon Cooper wrote.

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What are we still reading

Is Xi Jinping’s China on the right track? With the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China this week, some people are worried Empowerment of Xi ——Embodied in his assertion that “North, South, East, West, and Central, the party is the leader of all” —— may accelerate the party’s destruction, because top-down rigidity has caused indifference and cynicism among its 92 million members .

Fight for a good job The class of 2021 graduates are entering a global job market where there are Opportunities diminish and competition increases“I feel I am behind, not only in the job market, but also in institutions that provide my education,” said an engineering graduate in London. At the same time, American business owners, especially those who pay the minimum or close to the minimum wage, Work hard to fill vacancies.

‘It’s like standing at the door of hell’ Five days after the collapse of the South Champlain Tower Surfside, Florida Emergency rescuers are still looking for more than 150 people.They have started tunnel Under the huge pile of rubble, this is reminiscent of the 9/11 and 2010 Haiti earthquakes. (New York Magazine, Miami Herald)

Emergency rescuers conduct search and rescue work at the scene of a partially collapsed residential building in Surfside

Emergency rescuers conduct search and rescue work at the scene of a partially collapsed residential building in Surfside © REUTERS

Chinese women forced to retire Chinese female professionals are challenging the world Minimum retirement ageCourt records show that since 2019, Chinese women have sued their employers more than 1,000 times, asking them to resign at the age of 50. In the ten years before 2019, there were fewer than 800 such cases.

  • View: Meme stock speculation can deter women from investing, Alan Carr wrote, Bond portfolio manager at Barksdale Investment Management.

Mexican president is not deterred by mid-term setbacks In the days following the recent midterm elections, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) Vow to carry out constitutional reform In the areas of energy, elections, and security, despite the loss of the two-thirds majority required by Congress to make such changes.Mayor of Mexico City In an interview with the British “Financial Times” Despite losing his seat in the recent elections, the president does not need to “change direction.”

Climate capital

The record-breaking heat wave sweeping the western United States has intensified because of climate change and Atmospheric “hot dome” Combined to bring the hottest temperature in the history of the region.

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