Philadelphia Pool Opening Dates: | The Voice of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Pool Opening Dates: | The Voice of Philadelphia



Philadelphia’s public swimming pool will begin to open later this week, a welcome development when the heat wave is expected to raise the temperature to more than 90 degrees.

Last summer, the city chose Keep all pools closed During the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, only 47 of the city’s 68 swimming pools are expected to welcome residents back this summer. According to a Schedule announced on Monday By the Department of Parks and RecreationDue to a shortage of lifeguards, the other 21 — slightly less than a third — will remain closed.

Parks and leisure Seeking to recruit lifeguards by providing free training and a starting salary of $15.25 per hour to applicants aged 16-24. However, city officials said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recruitment was postponed from November to mid-March.

Typically, Parks & Recreation provides training and certification courses throughout the year in the Philadelphia School District’s indoor swimming pool. But they cannot access these pools this year. The course was transferred to an outdoor swimming pool equipped with heaters and deck heating stations.

CertificationThe size of girls must also be kept smaller, and more training is needed to make up for the lost year of lifeguards. City officials say it takes 4 to 6 weeks to train, certify and hire lifeguards.

According to reports, many lifeguards are also engaged in other jobs, or their certificates (which expire every two years) are no longer valid. Billy PayneIn addition, due to the pandemic, it is not easy to recruit lifeguards from high school swimming teams this year.

The city employs about 70% of the approximately 400 lifeguards who are required to fully staff the city’s public swimming pools.The swimming pool needs at least five lifeguards and a few maintenance workers to open, according to Inquirer.

City officials said the training program continues in the summer so that Philadelphia can reopen all swimming pools next year.

“Since the 2020 pandemic closed, we have been working hard to recruit as many lifeguards as possible to minimize service disruptions,” Parks and Recreation Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell (Kathryn Ott Lovell) Say“We have seen swimming pools, recreational facilities and beaches across the country have reduced working hours or closed locations because there are no certified lifeguard jobs this summer after more than a year of the global pandemic.”

The swimming pool will reopen on a rolling basis from Wednesday and will continue until July 10. The 16 swimming pools will reopen on the weekend of July 4.

City officials said they chose to reopen the swimming pool based on geographic location, past usage, and community needs. The city also has more than 90 sprinklers open every day in summer.

“The Philadelphia public swimming pool is a great way to cool down, have fun and stay active this summer,” Outlover said. “We are very pleased to be able to give residents, especially young people, the opportunity to leave beautiful summer memories as we continue to safely escape this epidemic.”

Citizens can use the city Find tools Find the nearest pool or fountain. The tool also includes public swimming, family swimming and adult swimming time, as well as information about swimming lessons and swimming teams.

Below are the opening dates of the 47 swimming pools that will resume operations this summer:

June 30

Finnegan Playground, 6801 Grovers Avenue.
Mande playground, 2140 North 33rd Street
Samuel Entertainment Center, 3539 Gallo Street
Vogt Entertainment Center, 4131 Unruh Ave.

July 1

Bridsburg Recreation Center, 4625 Richmond Street
Francisville Playground, 1737 St. Francis.
Lackman Playground, 1101 Bartlett Street
Simpson Entertainment Center, 1010 Arrow Street

July 2

Barry Playground, 1800 Johnston Street
Cobbs Creek Recreation Center, 280 Cobbs Creek Pkwy.
Kendrick Entertainment Center, 5822 Ridge Avenue
North Free Entertainment Center, 321 Fairmount Avenue

July 3

American Legion Playground, 6201 Torresdale Avenue.
Cherashor Playground, 851 W. Olney Avenue.
Fox Chase Entertainment Center, 7901 Ridgeway Street
Murphy Entertainment Center, 300 W. Shuker Street

July 6

Anderson Entertainment Center, 740 17th Street
Hancock Playground, 1401 N. Hancock Street
Heitzman Entertainment Center, 2136 Castor Ave.
Kelly Pool, 4231 Dr. Landsdown
Max Myers Playground, 1601 Hellermann Street

July 7

Cione playground, 2600 E. Alamingo Avenue.
Mitchell playground, 3700 Whitehall Lane
Penrose Playground, 1101 West Susquehanna Road
Pleasant playground, 6757 Chew Ave.
Vale Recreation Center, 2600 Morris Street

July 8

Hausmann Entertainment Center, 5091 Summerdale Avenue
Jacobs Playground, 4500 Linden Avenue.
Kingsessing Recreation Center, 4901 Kingsessing Ave.
Sacks playground, 400 Washington Avenue
Schmidt playground, 113 W. Ontario Street

July 9

Albury Playground, 6101 Adley Street
Christie Entertainment Center, 728 55th Street
Jadell Recreation Center, 1400 Courtman Avenue
ML King Entertainment Center, 2101 Cecil B. Moore Avenue.
Stinger Square, 1400 32nd Street

July 10

Sports and leisure center, 1400 N. 26th St
CB Moore Entertainment Center, 2551 N. 22 Street
Feltonville Recreation Center, 609 Snyder Avenue
Shepard Entertainment Center, 5700 Haverford Avenue
Tustin Playground, 5901 W. Columbia Avenue.

Reopening day to be determined

39th & Olive Playground, 700 N. 39th St
Ford Entertainment Center, 609 Snyder Avenue
Lee Cultural Center, 4328 Haverford Avenue
Ronny Young Entertainment Center, 1100 E. Chelten Avenue.
O’Connor Pool, 2601 South Saint
Scanlon Playground, 1099 E. Tioga Street


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