NBA trade rumors: A new team has become a potential suitor for Ben Simmons

NBA trade rumors: A new team has become a potential suitor for Ben Simmons


76ers fans seem willing to line up to help Ben Simmons get out of town. Considering that the Philadelphia team lost to the Eagles in Game 7 with a double-digit lead throughout the series, this is understandable-including 26-Take the lead in the crucial 5th game in the second half.

Simmons’s poor free throw percentage, his lack of aggression and confidence in the second half of the game, and his ultimate decisive moment in the series, when he failed to make an open dunk late in the 7th game and instead passed the ball to Matisse Sebre (in a rather bad position at the time), all of which played a role in his team’s early exit from the playoffs.

Needless to say, countless stories have been written The 76ers need to keep going From Simmons Why is it so with What they might get in return. There seems to be much less talked about How the 76ers recovered Not only their All-Star guard’s game-whether on the court or between his ears-but also his image, all of which will be the mainstay of any team that wants to acquire the 24-year-old Australian Consider factors.

Despite this, it seems that there are still many teams interested in acquiring Simmons, although we don’t yet know how much any of them is willing to give up — or whether any of these teams will have this type of asset in the first place , Simmons’ trade is worthwhile for Darryl Morey and the 76ers.

Teams like the Trail Blazers (Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum) and the Wizards (Bradley Beal) can provide substantial returns, but may also force the 76ers to invest some sweetness with Simmons. Flavour, if Morey believes in them, he may be reluctant to do so and become a promising NBA player. For example, we saw part of the reason in the playoffs. According to reports, Morey was reluctant to include Tyrese Maxi and Simmons in any potential James Harden deal earlier this year.

But what about some other teams?Warriors Already linked For Simmons, they can partner with Stephen Curry and the returning Klay Thompson next year. There are also teams who hope to bring in someone like Simmons to become “that person.” Before every 76ers fan rolls his eyes and sarcastically says “good luck”, it is worth remembering how young Simmons is, what he brings on the defensive end, and more importantly, there may be some general managers not only Pay attention to these skills, and believe that under the right circumstances, they can get more from Simmons than the 76ers can get.

Whether it is right or wrong, this may mean that Morey will have more than a few rival general managers calling him in the next few weeks and months, suggesting that Simmons may be taken away from him. proposal. The recent appearance of such a team is the Timberwolves, and it is reported that they “want” Simmons very much.

Here is more information from Darren Wolfson of SKOR North, Minnesota:

“I texted a person who knew Ben Simmons very well. He knew everything about the NBA. My text message the other day-because I knew that’Wolves are a Ben Simmons fan-but My text message was, “How bad is the Wolves and want to trade Ben Simmons? This guy sent me a text message with one word: “Oops.” There is no doubt that the Wolves are interested in trading Ben Simmons.”

So, what can the “Wolves” bring to Philadelphia?

First, D’Angelo Russell will work directly because of the money. He is only one year older than Simmons and has two years to complete a four-year, $117 million contract. Although his performance on the defensive end will drop significantly, he may be more suitable for offense – not to mention that he is a more prolific scorer than Simmons, averaging 19 points per game and shooting 39% from three-pointers.

Karl Anthony Towns is one of the other stars of the Minnesota team. He is basically a non-starter because he is not suitable for playing alongside Embiid and you will not bring him here as a substitute. Although KAT is clearly a better player, we have all seen the results of the Al Horford experiment. Most importantly, they may not want to leave him in the first place.

Then there is another pair of young guard Timberwolves can Quotes, but given their age and affordable salary, they may shy away from trading: the No. 1 picks in 2020 are 19-year-old Anthony Edwards and 24-year-old Malik Beasley. Obviously the 76ers prefer a younger and cheaper Edwards to someone like Russell, but it is doubtful whether the Minnesota team is willing to leave him so quickly, not to mention that they still need to join some there. Only other players can get matching wages.

In other words, unless the 76ers are willing to trade Simmons for Russell, it makes more sense to introduce a third team and make it a three-way trade, no different. Our conclusion on the interest reported by the Warriors.

This is part of what makes it difficult for the 76ers to trade Simmons — or at least let them do so and get something that pleases the fans. Simmons has made so much money, and the only meaningful players in direct trading are 1) players who have made a lot of money but are worth it, which means their team is unlikely to abandon them, or 2) highly paid players, this This means that the 76ers should stay away from them as much as possible. Russell at least seems to be somewhere between these two options. His money is very useful and the pay is not high, but at the same time he will not really excite fans like Lillard or Bill, even if these are all daydreams. .

This may mean that the best way to transfer Simmons is to trade, including pairing him with one of their promising young players such as Maxey or Thybulle. This should at least help the 76ers get closer to the No. 1 option. So, 76ers fans, how much do you want Simmons out of town?

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