Man drowned in the river in Weymouth Furnace Park, Hamilton Township, Atlantic County

Man drowned in the river in Weymouth Furnace Park, Hamilton Township, Atlantic County


Atlantic County authorities found the body of a 23-year-old man who drowned on Sunday while swimming in Weymouth Furnace Park. Weymouth Furnace Park is a popular gathering place and canoeing on the Big Egg Harbor River. The starting point of the kayak.

The incident occurred at about 2:30 in the afternoon. The location was a puddle where a notice was posted prohibiting swimming and standing in the water.The park is located on Highway 559 in Mays Landing, just north of Black Horse Pike, at Hamilton Town

The victim was unidentified and was pronounced dead after being pulled out of the water around 4:30.

Due to ongoing investigations, the Weymouth melting pot remains closed to tourists on Monday.

Swimming is not allowed in Atlantic County parks, except for The The bay of Lake Lenapé Park, patrolled by lifeguards.

Atlantic County said in a statement: “County officials remind the public to only swim in designated protected areas, whether in the ocean, swimming pools, lakes or rivers.” statement In the incident on Sunday.

An eyewitness told Atlantic City Press At the time of the incident, the three young men were pumping oil pipes on the river and did not act recklessly. The water looks shallow, but it drops steeply and suddenly. According to reports, when one of the men fell, his friend ran for help.

Before the first responders arrived, several people in the area tried to find and rescue the man.

Weymouth FurnaceLocated about 22 miles northwest of Atlantic City, it is a former industrial area that was originally an iron production facility in the 1800s and later the site of a paper mill. The remains of industrial buildings still stand on this land. Atlantic County acquired part of the area in 1966 and kept it as a historical site within the county park system.

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