Gloria launches outreach program for the homeless

Gloria launches outreach program for the homeless


San Diego-A new city plan was launched on Monday to help deal with the homelessness crisis in San Diego.

Mayor Todd Gloria worked with other local leaders to help homeless residents obtain housing and other local services.

With the help of the San Diego Housing Commission, homeless residents will receive personalized support services to enable them to embark on the path to permanent housing.

“This is unprecedented,” Gloria said at a press conference. “This is a concentrated effort that we have never seen before and the many beds that are now available. So let us make the most of them. I know it takes a lot of effort, and I know this is the hardest job. This is what we have to deal with The most difficult problem. Everyone’s path to homelessness is unique.”

The state is expected to vote on a plan that will provide San Diego with $1 billion in aid to help combat the homeless.

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