Encryption app Osom launches new stablecoin revenue aggregation tool »CryptoNinjas

Encryption app Osom launches new stablecoin revenue aggregation tool »CryptoNinjas


Osom Finance, an automated encryption application, today announced the launch of OSOM DeFi Earn, a one-click income aggregator that allows users to generate passive and predictable income.

DeFi Earn aggregates the best and most reliable stablecoin lending pool into an intuitive user interface from EU regulatory service providers. By leveraging reputable USD-pegged stablecoins and verified providers, DeFi Earn reduces risk through intelligent diversification.

The working principle of the platform is to automatically connect to platforms such as Binance and AAVE, gain exposure to its stable currency lending pool, and become interested in user assets. Osom converts users’ funds into stablecoins and then puts them in the lending pool. The stablecoin can then be converted back to fiat currency when withdrawing funds.

“Agriculture opens up new wealth of opportunities through the benefits of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Encrypted protocols, especially those in the DeFi field; provide healthy rewards to users who are willing to provide their assets to borrowers; and at the same time ensure proper collateral. controlling the risk.”
-Anton Altement, CEO of Osom

DeFi Earn currently operates through two core stablecoins: USDC and BUSD. The choice of stablecoin depends on careful analysis of asset tracking records; the quality of providers and agreements is reviewed. Osom plans to add more stablecoins and access new platforms in the future.


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