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Croatia will face Spain in the last 16 matches of the 2020 European Cup, and the two teams have not yet fulfilled their potential.

The Croats were mediocre in games against England and the Czech Republic, and then a brilliant strike by Luka Modric helped them save themselves after they beat Scotland 3-1 at Hampden Park.

Spain ran into problems in the frontcourt, with main player Alvaro Morata (Alvaro Morata) failing to fire at home against Sweden and Poland.

But they did show that they have the ability to rank second in Group E with a 5-0 defeat of Slovakia.

For different reasons, both sides will be happy to go to Copenhagen in the past 16 games.

After no one is allowed to travel to the UK to participate in the group stage, Croatia will follow their approximately 8,000 supporters today.

Spain will lose home advantage, but is happy to get rid of Sevilla’s dry stadium, which was severely criticized by owner Luis Enrique.

The Spaniards will enter this game as a little favorite, but they will face a team that knows how to beat them.

Croatia defeated Spain 2-1 in the 2016 European Cup group stage and the 2018 National League, when they won 3-2.

Copenhagen kicks off at 5 pm and the countdown begins…


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