Blockchain development platform Tatum now supports Harmony blockchain »CryptoNinjas

Blockchain development platform Tatum now supports Harmony blockchain »CryptoNinjas


Tatum Blockchain development platform, Announced today harmonious, A fast and open blockchain that emphasizes cross-chain compatibility is now integrated into Tatum.

Harmony characteristics The transaction is completed in 2 seconds, and the fee is reduced by 100 times Than Ethereum. It has a highly secure random state sharding mechanism and provides cross-chain asset transfers from Ethereum, Binance and other blockchains.

The Harmony DeFi ecosystem is now available to developers of all skill levels because Tatum’s unified API allows them to take advantage of its powerful features without coding the blockchain itself.

Tatum + Harmony

“So let’s get straight to the topic. Tatum’s API integrates complex blockchain operations into a single API call, which can be seamlessly integrated into your back-end code. When learning a new language or looking for a brand new In the environment, you do not need to log in, you can use any programming language you have used to complete all the work. If you are already a blockchain veteran and want to code directly for Harmony nodes, you can also do so. Tatum is developed for all levels People bring the best of both worlds.”
– Tatum Team

What you can do on Harmony with Tatum:

contact directly

Web3 driver — Connect directly to Tatum’s infrastructure, skip setting up and running your own node.

Generate and transform


Developers can use Tatum’s unified NFT API endpoint to deploy ready-made NFTs on Harmony. Tatum’s NFT smart contract is standardized and can be deployed instantly through zero smart contract coding.For more information, see Complete guide Used to use NFT plus NFT API in Tatum file Find out all the possibilities of NFT on Harmony.


Send, call, broadcast

  • send — Send one or Tatum supported HRM20 tokens from one account to another.
  • transfer — Invoke existing smart contract methods on Harmony.
  • broadcast — Broadcast the signed transaction to the Harmony blockchain.

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