Bachelor Girl Live-Black returns dramatically in episode 4 as Thomas sneaks away to “fight” Katie

Trey tells Katie about Thomas

“You are talking about the truth, I heard you say that you want men to be vulnerable,” Trey said.

“I can sit here and flirt… Obviously I do like this… But I think something happened in the house… You need all the available information,” he continued.

He told Katie that Thomas “may not be for you.”

“He has a mode of manipulating behavior,” Trey continued.

Trey said Thomas is very good at manipulating in private conversations.

“I need to know these things, so to hear you open up, I want to tell me more,” Katie said.

Trey told her that Thomas had admitted that he wanted to be a bachelor.

“He said,’Yes, when I come here, I want to be a bachelor.’ For me, this is not something you do. I care about you. I’m trying to protect you. I don’t want to see you get hurt. ,” Trey said.

“I feel very depressed,” Katie said. “It’s like being completely stupid… Coming here to be a bachelor means you never fell in love here.”

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