After the body was found on the highway, Calgary’s mother faces second-degree murder charges for the death of her 24-year-old daughter

More than a year after the 24-year-old victim was found on the highway near Cochrane, Alta, a Calgary mother was accused of murdering her daughter.

Debora Joyce Rabik, 60, was arrested on Friday and charged with second-degree murder and insulting the body.

Sarah Rabik’s body was found on Highway 8 southeast of Cochrane on February 26, 2020.

After an autopsy, the death was ruled as homicide.

The RCMP confirmed that the victim was related to Deborah Rubick, but would not confirm the nature of the relationship. However, Sarah’s obituary and the victim and defendant’s Facebook page identified them as mother and daughter.

According to her family, Sarah’s “happy place” was Disneyland, and just before her death, she was accepted to work there as a summer job. (Sarah Rubick/Facebook)

Sarah’s “Happy Land”

According to her family, Sarah’s “happy place” is Disney World, and just before her death, she was hired to work there in the summer.

According to her obituary, Sarah enjoys music festivals and hiking in the mountains around Calgary.

The students of Mount Royal University also volunteered to participate in “change”, a service that provides clothing for those in need.

Debora Rabik was detained and will appear in the Cochrane Court on June 29.

The RCMP stated that they were assisted by the homicide and technology crime department of the Calgary Police Department.

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