From 2018 to 2019, the Philadelphia Eagles have the fewest draft picks in the NFL, so their metaphor cabinet is not completely full of young talents ready to explode. They do have 10 picks in the 2020 draft, but only a few get legal playing time as rookies.

In 2020, Alex Singleton and Travis Fulham, who joined later in the training camp, had several unexpected breakthroughs, which lasted for five weeks anyway. HThere are five young players who can take their games to a new level in 2021. (We will exclude rookies, so you won’t see Devon Towers Smith here.)

1) QB Jaylen is injured

We took Learn more about Hurts’ 2020 season As early as February, although he was an excellent runner with intellect, leadership and other attractive intangible factors, his path to becoming a legitimate NFL starter will depend on how far he can be Improve your accuracy.

2020 is not good enough, but there is still hope. During his college career, Hertz did improve his accuracy, so maybe there are some reasons to believe that he can do the same thing in the NFL, and he seems to have the mentality of a player, (a) insufficient to him The place is very realistic, and (b) eager to become a better player.

So we will see.

2) WR Jalen Leigh

When training camp last year, Rieger’s physical fitness was more obvious. He demonstrated the speed and jumping ability that we have rarely seen in training camps in recent years. Once, Carson Wentz threw a hospital ball at Rigg during training, Jim Schwartz jokingly yelled to Wentz, try not to let the “good players” get hurt.

So what happened? We caught a glimpse of what Rigg could do in the first week of the game against the Washington football team.


However, in the second week, his thumb ligament tore, causing him to miss five games. After his return, the Eagles’ season has fallen into a sort of downward spiral. The quarterback played like a nonsense, an outrageous plan, and Rieger himself was too concerned about the fans, and they decided to succeed Justin Jie. Ferson expressed regret.

Reagor’s hope is that he is not considered a highly polished receiver from the TCU, just like some other receivers in the draft, and he always needs some time to realize himself before he becomes a draft pick. potential. Seek a breakthrough. He has talent. Can he avoid distractions, become a more refined product, and simply play games?

3) OT Jordan Mailata

Mailata has a promising 2020 season, but we still let him be eliminated in the 7 sacks allowed this season, which led to the team’s offensive linebacker. He is a brick wall against powerful rushers, but sometimes it is difficult to quickly deal with opposing pass rushers.

What is particularly encouraging about Mailata’s 2020 season is that if you watch his games in chronological order, it is clear from the movie that as the season progresses, his confidence has increased. what does that mean? As he gets more and more comfortable, you can see the fun he enjoys physically controlling the opposing defender, especially in running games. He is bigger than everyone on the court, and when opportunities arise, he is not ashamed to use his size and strength. E.g:

It can be said that Mailata broke out in 2020, but his ceiling is still high, and he still has enough room to take his game to the next level.

eagle | cowboy | giant | WFT
…Will become a trash can fire in 2021

4) WR Quetz Watkins

Watkins played only 119 games in the 2020 season, 99 of which were completed in the last four games. In these four games, he has 7 catches for 106 yards and 1 highlight TD.

Especially in the game against the Cardinals, he showed some real vitality and can benefit from an offensive plan that can put the ball in his hands and have the opportunity to create opportunities after receiving the ball. In theory, his speed should also make him a big threat, but Watkins did not achieve any goals on the vertical line of the field in 2020. Maybe there will be more opportunities to come to him in 2021?

The Hawks’ wide receiver room is still not particularly packed with talent, and Watkins eventually surpassed John Hytor on last season’s depth chart. He may be the fastest man on the team. Find out how he can contribute.

5) OT Andre Dillard

I don’t have many breakthrough candidates here, so I think we will go with Dillard to hedge my praise of Mailata? ¯_(?)_/¯ (Look at Jack Driscoll from LT and don’t know where he came from.)

Dillard must find a way to fight power. Otherwise, he will never succeed in the NFL.In other words, if he can solve the main flaws in his game, then he has excellent athleticism in this position, and Coaching staff Howie Roseman (Howie Roseman) will provide him with every opportunity to defeat Mailata as the starting LT job.

Dillard was named by ESPN’s Tim McManus Eagles OTA unexpectedly unexpected:

The former first-rounder said that after missing the entire 2020 season due to a biceps injury, his heart was filled with unprecedented enthusiasm. In the past year, he gave up social media to eliminate distractions, and went to the gym hard, setting many personal records. He became stronger and more confident, and his performance on the court was praised by offensive coach Jeff Stottland. During training camp, he will compete with former rugby player Jordan Mailata (Jordan Mailata) for the starting left tackle position.

Dillard has first-round pedigree, but I am a bit in the “I will believe it when I see it” camp.

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