2021 Wimbledon Tennis Open live results: Murray played against Brazil Rashvili in the second set, Djokovic defeated Draper

Murray 6-4 4-3* Brazil Rashvili

The controversy at the opening point was “out”, Murray stopped and ended with an entry. He whispered to the referee.

When he hit another A in the middle, it didn’t bother him.

It was Brazil’s Rashvili’s turn to play, because his eagle eye check confirmed that he hit the baseline with a forehand.

But as Murray found the net, in the next few reprieves, before the wild forehand passed the ball to the opponent’s break point.

When his forehand entered Brazil Rashvili’s foot and found the net, the man was also saved.

After a long time sent, the return is back to the network. The breakpoint has been saved.

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