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What does relative astrology mean every month?

There are four main stages to pay attention to: new moon (Or dark moon), waxing moon (when it gets bigger in the sky), Full moonAnd the waning moon (when it becomes smaller).

More advanced astrologers may focus on more specific phases (such as first quarter moon and first quarter moon), but for now, these four stages are enough to get us started!

new moon

As you might guess from its name, the new moon is a good time for a new beginning. You may be inspired to lay the foundation for a new project, and the new relationship formed at this time will have a great opportunity to develop into something deeper.

First quarter moon

When the moon is getting bigger and bigger in the sky (that is, waxing), this is a good time to let the wheels move toward your goal. If you always focus on your dreams, you can make progress easily. As the moon gets closer and closer to its full moon, step on the gas pedal and take decisive action.

Full moon

Here, the energy of the moon has reached its peak. You may find that your emotional sensitivity has increased and your connection with intuition has become stronger. Now is a good time to end the project and other cycles and thank you for your progress.

Waning moon

As the moon starts to get smaller, it’s time to let go. You may find that you are retreating from a situation where you are no longer serving you, and your emotions may begin to cool. Now is the time for patience, reflection, and preparation for the start of the next lunar cycle.

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