Three people were injured in a coyote attack in northwest Calgary. An aggressive coyote was killed a few days ago.

Three people were injured in a coyote attack in northwest Calgary. An aggressive coyote was killed a few days ago.


A few days after an aggressive coyote was suppressed for a series of attacks on humans, another three people were injured in a block near Calgary.

At around 7pm on Saturday night, Pria Overy celebrated her graduation from high school in a Tuscan park when the animal she initially thought was a dog approached a group of her friends.

“[It] Come over and bit my buttocks,” the 18-year-old said. “When I looked down, there was a lot of blood… I rolled my pants down to see what the injury was. The wound was really deep. “

When she arrived at Shanlu Hospital, she shared her story with others in the waiting room-and discovered that the other two people were also there for the same reason. The women shared their stories and realized that they were all bitten hundreds of meters apart and several hours apart.

“We are all sitting together a bit surreal,” Overy said.

When a coyote bit her buttocks, Pria Overy was lying in a Tuscan park. (Submitted by Pria Overy)

Heather Robinson was sitting on her deck and was attacked while talking on the phone with her sister.

“I just turned my head, bent down, showing my legs… Suddenly I felt something, and then turned around,” she said. “That’s a thin, scary, crazy-looking coyote…very scary, very disturbing.”

She stood up, and the animal got in again and bit her again.

Heather Robinson managed to scare the coyote away from her front porch-but before the little wolf bit her twice in the leg. (Helen Parker/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Robinson ran home for a day-she said the attack made her worry about the children nearby.

“The smaller people will not succeed. They may be seriously injured and killed.”

Overy also stated that she was grateful that the coyote attacked her because a group of young children rode through the park shortly before the attack.

“I’m glad it’s me and not anyone else.”

Aggressive coyote laying down

Less than 10 kilometers northeast of Tuscany is near Mount Nolan. At least three people have been injured in a coyote attack in recent weeks.

It is believed that these attacks were caused by an unusually ferocious animal-it was captured and killed by a city contractor on Tuesday night.

Both neighborhoods are located in the northwestern suburbs of the city-bordering undeveloped land.

Saturday’s coyote attack took place in a Tuscany community, represented by the picture on the left. A few days later, an aggressive coyote in the Mount Nolan community was knocked down, pictured on the right. The two blocks are less than 10 kilometers apart. (Google Map)

The City of Calgary stated that with the increase in 311 requests for aggressive incidents, park contractors have repeatedly used coyote bullying in Tuscany. The same bullying occurred in Mount Nolan.

A city government spokesperson said in an email: “The city supports and encourages peaceful coexistence with coyotes through public education and active management (if needed).”

The city stated that it will investigate these attacks. “If it proves that the coyote’s aggressive behavior poses an increasing risk to local residents, as a last resort, it will be permanently removed from the community.”

Urban coyotes do have benefits, such as helping to control the population of rodents and other wild animals and ensuring biodiversity.

The city stated that attacks on humans are usually rare. So far this year, the number of coyote calls 311 received by the city has decreased by 20% compared to the same period last year.

The city recommends giving up cleaning up any garbage or food sources in the backyard, keeping pets on leashes, and letting children observe them up close in order to coexist peacefully with animals.

Both Robinson and Overy spent the night in the hospital waiting for treatment because there was only one shot of rabies vaccine available-they said it was beaten on the third woman who was attacked and she was bitten in the back.

“I’m pretty sure it’s the same [coyote]. But again, there is one, are there others? Robinson said. “They are getting more and more brazen…it’s also a bit scary.

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