The Toronto Clinic administers a record 26,000 doses in one day

TORONTO-After receiving 25,000 doses of the vaccine at the Scotiabank Arena clinic on Sunday, Toronto has achieved an important milestone in its vaccination campaign, which may set a world record for a single-day vaccination in a clinic.

The city said that temporary mass immunization clinics set up at the home courts of the Raptors and Maple Leafs also broke national and North American records.

According to officials, a total of 26,771 doses of vaccine were injected at the Scotiabank Arena-978 doses of the first dose and 25,793 doses of the second dose. Among those vaccinated, 1,295 were young people and 25,476 were adults.

The campaign is called “Our Gun of Victory” and aims to encourage residents to get the first and second doses of vaccines, as the more infectious variant of COVID-19 dominates the province.

The city organized the event in collaboration with Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment, Scotiabank, Michael Gallen Hospital and University Health Network.

After being vaccinated, people received a free pull towel. Fifty pairs of tickets for the Maple Leafs and Raptors were also given out. Several TV and radio celebrities, including the team mascot, also appeared in the clinic to bring entertainment.

One of the people vaccinated at the clinic is Mayor John Tory, who declared June 27, 2021 as Toronto Vaccine Day.

“This is a well-functioning machine. It is excellent. There will be 25,000 people passing here today, and it seems to be really well organized,” Tori told CP24 on Sunday morning after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. .

The mayor said that vaccination is the key to returning life to normal.

“Even for me, being in the arena is very exciting. I have been there many, many times… But when one of our teams is playing, there is nothing more exciting than the excitement there. ,” Tori said.

“It’s about going back to the life we ??love.”

As of Sunday, 76% of adults in Ontario received the first dose of the vaccine, while slightly more than 35% of adults received the second dose.

“That means 24% [of people] They haven’t even received the first dose, let alone the second dose, they need to be vaccinated,” Tori said.

All “Our Winning Shot” appointments are booked before Sunday. However, the city added another 2,000 Moderna vaccine appointments later in the day.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also responded to this achievement. He wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to all those involved in creating this record-whether it is voluntary time or roll up sleeves, Thank you for your contributions.”

One of the 400 vaccinators in the clinic is Dr. Michael Warner, MGH’s intensive care physician.

“We still have patients who are chronically ill due to COVID-19 infection. But in many cases, this infection was acquired two or three months ago. Since we admitted a new COVID-19 patient, it has passed It took about three weeks -19. I hope we will never accept another COVID-19 patient,” Warner said.

“I am very hopeful. People want to return to their lives, and vaccination is the way to achieve this goal.”

Dr. Andrew Buzhari, executive director of UHN Social Medicine and a vaccinator at the clinic, said the number of vaccinations in the province in the past few days has been staggering.

“I have never seen anything like this,” he said. “I think we all need this kind of improvement, where we are in the summer, and we hope we can see this momentum continue… It’s great to see smiles and hear music. We are already different I see this city in my pocket, but let people unite like this.”

Before Sunday’s event, the clinic at the Thorncliffe Community Center set a record for the largest single-day injection in May, when more than 10,000 injections were injected. At the same time, a clinic in Texas maintained a North American record after injecting 17,003 doses in one day.

To commemorate the milestone on Sunday, the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square was lit pink to support all those who were vaccinated.

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