The hatred mail set in the Trash Can Fire series

The hatred mail set in the Trash Can Fire series



Last week, for a whole week, we published 10 reasons why every NFC East team will become a junkyard fire in 2021. Among them, we pointed out the biggest shortcomings of each team entering the season. If you missed it, you can catch it here:

Trash can fire series: cowboy | Giants | Washington | Eagles | The rest of the NFL

The series attracted a lot of angry emails, just like every year. By far, the most cunning in this group are the Giants fans. In fact, I will rank and analyze the complaining levels like this:

  1. Giants fans: What a thin fan base, haha. In the past four years, their team has tied for the worst record in the NFL with the Jets, and if you point out their very obvious flaws, they will defend their junk team in droves. I want to be fair, the number one on their list is “They are crying losers”, which may be a bit provocative. Their writing is the most interesting and the second easiest, second only to the Eagles.
  2. Taekwondo fans: It should be noted that there is a huge gap between Giants fans and WFT fans. Generally speaking, fans of WFT understand that their franchise is an embarrassment and they can accept criticism calmly. This season is slightly different because they have confidence in their team for the first time in a long time. And for good reason! Although they have some very obvious major flaws (no QB, unstable OTs, and poor ownership), once I exceed these points, it is difficult to discuss them more.
  3. Cowboy fans: I think for the first time in history, Cowboys fans mostly agree with what I wrote. This is a shocking development.
  4. Eagles fans: The Hawks fans hardly ever counterattacked, which surprised me, even though you know me better than the fans of the other three teams. However, for this, I am proud of you. I only received one negative email from Hawks fans, and even on Twitter, which is basically hateful and terrible cesspool, I couldn’t find any controversy.

In any case, we will post some better emails here for your appreciation. I am still shocked by the level of illiteracy in this country. We will not edit grammar and spelling errors. In other words, these emails are exactly the same as the ones received, except that some naughty words have been deleted:

“Dude sounds to me as if Philadelphia needs a new voice because you sound old, dumb, and boring. Like hey genius, you are making judgments on Jaylen Hertz’s data? Even if he is thrown away. Into the fire, facing the fierce Saints defense. Minus Kells is his only starter to protect him. PFF listed Brooks as the NFL’s best guard. He recovered from injury that year. Because he didn’t last year. Played an injury or a game. How can you sit there so-called Voice of Philadelphia really believe in the rubbish you wrote. The real situation always exposes the dummy. It is difficult times that mold us into ourselves. I Hope the Dallas fans and Giants fans really think about what they saw last year is what it looks like this year, those “old guys” come back healthy and angry. The Pro Bowl caliber line puts them in front of injury and observes what happens. He will become Mike Vic’s new right-handed version. I expect this rubbish to come from our overconfident competitors who are not people who claim to be our voices. What a joke. Hang it up, maybe because you trust me, you will remember it later.”

#JimmyRebuttal: I have two rebuttals here:

  1. The only thing worse than two spaces after the period is that there are no spaces.
  2. The name of the media I wrote is the Voice of Philadelphia, but personally, I do not claim to be the Voice of Philadelphia.

“Your article is terrible.”

#JimmyRebuttal: I can respect this form of hate mail. It’s fast, to the point, and it makes me feel that you haven’t spent a whole day on what I write. Thank you for your hard work, ma’am.

“I’m reading your column about the Cowboys repeat last season. The fact that you think Zeke is exhausted shows that you have not paid attention. Who has been calling since his decline? He also lost weight at the end of the season. I think If Dak and the Cowboys’ playoff hopes this year depend entirely on Zek. Has anyone in Tampa Bay ever had wrought last year? Did your locker room bother a group of No-Nos. Dak Prescott is not the second best qb in the league. He might Ranked 9th, but still far from the top 5. The Cowboys’ offensive line is not even close to their level. It would be disrespectful to say that it is considering how the best linesman is forced to retire. Yes! The worst Cowboys of the past 23 years are still more interesting than the entire team of the Eagles. They traded the qb that got the ring, and that’s the problem that bothered Wentz. It was his substitute who won the Super Bowl while he was watching The fact that Elliott ranks in the top 2 in the tbe league, but his bench coordinator has changed his role and they passed first. They actually have 2 excellent running backs, and his bench will have An explosive season. I hope Duck will never come to Dallas, and Jones retired as general manager 20 years ago. Unfortunately, but I think Jerry will pass before the Cowboys win another Super Bowl. Because Prescott does not have this guy. He is a worse choker than Romo. I hope Romo can get more help than Prescott. Last time Romo had an RB with ao line They were robbed in Green Bay, but that was his best season. How about your Hawks, can they pick the right one? Oh my god, those wasted draft picks over the years have made Andy look like a god.”

#JimmyRebuttal: Gosh, this guy is everywhere. Besides, I have never seen someone spell Zeke “Zek”, but he spelled it twice, so it’s not just a typo.

When I first read this article, my first thought was that English is a second or third language, but his name sounds very American.

“10 reasons why your journalist career ended. Number one. Your team was worse than Dallas last year. 2 Philadelphia sucks!

#JimmyRebuttal: Guys, this is an interesting journey.

“So you told me that the Eagles are better than Washington. Are you kidding? The Eagles are terrible. The new coach is unconfirmed. Jaylen is unconfirmed. The defensive line is what you call the elderly. By the way, middle school is rubbish. .

“I know you have to write an article… but you can at least be realistic. Thank you, good day. Httr”

#JimmyRebuttal: No, I don’t think the Hawks would be better “then” Washington, and there is no indication of this. But it doesn’t matter. I included this email because it was interesting to me, and the first impulse of many fans (and people in general) was to attack what they thought would hit the home court, rather than refuting the point actually made.

“You call the boys a dumpster fire?? Talking about pot to kettle. Sheagles has a terrible team, Qb is below average, no running competitions, terrible Wrs and no O-line. Their second grade is terrible. They will be lucky to have won 4 games this year!!!

“We will see who is the real dumpster fire this year! I guess SHEAGLES!!!”

#JimmyRebuttal: I replied to this person, asking him to explain the insult of “Sheagles”. Is this kind of slight? Is it a bad thing to be a woman? I know many women, including my mother, sister, daughter and girlfriend. And more! In the 44 years I have walked on this planet, women are better than men, and they have not really come close.

“One-sided articles have no advantages or disadvantages”

#JimmyRebuttal: That’s the point, sir.

“Go to your ego, the eagle’s ass is always 0. The cowboy has your punk ass for at least half a century. So do you, Suk of the Eagle!!!”

#JimmyRebuttal: I replied to this person, “You are illiterate.” Then he replied: “Your comeback is terrible, just like your punk terrier. Maybe you have better statistics or some other fake BS. Support your weak ass story, the Cowboys will occupy the east and sweep your beagle team.”

After I called him illiterate, he tried to clean up his grammar and spelling in his second email, haha.

“Your home run, your sheagles will not do better, haha, your tool is good for the fool who returns to Philadelphia to get drunk and chase fat chicks to the cowboys”

#JimmyRebuttal: The last “GO COWBOYS” made me legal haha.

“Journalists in Philadelphia are dumbfounding losers. They can’t think of 10 reasons why their team is worth writing about!”

#JimmyRebuttal: I read “Crying Baby Loser” in the voice of that person in Fargo, and he said, “We stopped at the pancake house.”

“I don’t respect you. I guess you think you have to give us your statistics about the US team. This is bad enough that the United States is not united. Let us stick to what we believe. Yes, we may be old, but ours Proud “I’m really strong, really, a real fan will still believe in every game in Dallas every year. I am a friend of the Mahomes family, but my team is still the Cowboys. I did not fight for the winning team. DC4L you bastard! “

#JimmyRebuttal: I like this person and feel it necessary to add that they are “friends of the Mahomes family”.

“This is from the Phillies, don’t worry about the Giants”

#JimmyRebuttal: Over the years, one of the interesting things I have learned about hate emails is that people will type the entire message in the subject line instead of using the body of the email, and this guy did it here.

“Since 1967, I have been a big fan of the Cowboys and I really like your article. I think you might want to read some of the mistakes made by coach McCarthy last year. Sorry, they hired him. I don’t know why he was not affected by these. more attention.”

#JimmyRebuttal: My opinion is that McCarthy did not make many shocking coaching mistakes in his first year in Dallas, and this fan disagrees. He attached a Word document that listed what he thought McCarthy had made mistakes in game management. He called it “McCarthy’s McConfusion” and I will post it here:

“McCarthy’s McConfusion—be careful of our wishes, eh?

“Fans who have been lamenting Jason Garrett’s conservative, primitive “process” this season have been stunned by Mike McCarthy’s, uh, flexible game management for years.

“Starting in the opener in Los Angeles, when-trailing 20-17 in the fourth quarter-he avoided an equalizer shooting percentage because of failed passes in the fourth and third quarters.

“In the second week of the game against the Falcons, he tried an untimely two-point conversion and two false kicks, once relying on the right hand of the left kicker to pass the ball.

“It was 39-30 behind Atlanta and he played two goals. A week later in Seattle, behind 30-21, he scored an extra point.

“In Week 6 against the Cardinals, McCarthy ordered a 58-yard field goal…25 yards behind.

“In Week 9 against the undefeated Steelers, he passed the Pittsburgh No. 22 with a three-quarter score and led 19-9, eventually losing 24-19.

“In the Thanksgiving game against WFT, he approved the Cowboys’ No. 34th 4th and 1st pass in the 10-10 game, and then fell behind their own 24 points by only 4 points with 13 minutes left. After an inexplicable call, the Cowboys took the lead 21-0, and this defeat eventually led them to a 7-9 loss to Washington in the NFC East.

“In the low-scoring argument with the Giants, the Cowboys tied the score 20-15, but their head coach kicked an extra point. In the end, they needed a touchdown on the final blow, not a shot. Score.”

This is my favorite Cowboys fan of all time.

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