The England team provided 17,000 additional tickets for the German team, and Bell was interviewed after retirement issues

Euro 2020 summary

John Stones said the England team has been stepping up penalty kicks in practice to prevent the last 16 games of Wembley against Germany from entering the shootout on Tuesday.

Current owner Gareth Southgate missed a decisive penalty in the Three Lions’ penalty shoot-out against Germany in the 1996 European Championships.

Central defender Stone said: “We have been practicing.

“We have been practicing to maintain a clear focus on what to do when it’s your turn.”

This is to make you as comfortable as possible in that situation.

“Unless it’s Harry [Kane] Or the boys who often receive penalties for their clubs. This is an area we have never set foot in before. “

Before Tuesday’s European Cup battle with England, Germany was angry about being banned from training at Wembley.

Joachim Low’s team had to change their schedule because UEFA ruled that after heavy rains brought Wembley Stadium to the brink of damage, no one could use it outside of match day.

At the same time, Wales beat Denmark 4-0, and Dragons substitute Harry Wilson received a red card for a foul.

Subpar Italy needs extra time to KO outsider Austria with a 2-1 KO 90 minutes later. Azzurri substitutes Federico Chiesa and Matteo Pessina and then enters the net.

Tonight the Netherlands will face the Czech Republic at 5 pm, and Belgium will face Portugal three hours later.

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